Story of unexpected love at first sight

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Monica Bellucci and Tim Burton as a couple: a story of unexpected love at first sight

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It’s been several months now that Monica Bellucci and Tim Burton – especially the directors Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Broadcast this evening on TF1 – experience total love. The love was so deep that it didn’t take long for the actress and the director to make it official!

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Meeting of two artists. The much-awaited release of Tim Burton’s film is planned for 2024, beetlejuice2, A film in which we will find Monica Bellucci… the new partner of the American director (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Edward Scissorhands, sleepy Hollow,

Unexpected love at first sight between Monica Bellucci and Tim Burton

In 2006, in the crowded streets of the Cannes Film Festival, Monica Bellucci and Tim Burton met for the first time… quite respectfully. Because at the time, the Italian actress was living a highly publicized love affair with Vincent Cassel, while the American director was also the man on the arm of actress Helena Bonham Carter. 16 years later, in 2022, during the Lyon Lumière Festival, Monica Bellucci and Tim Burton are both single, and proof is then born.

Monica Bellucci : “I love Tim and I respect Tim Burton very much”

Monica Bellucci comes out of her famous reserve in August 2023. The usually modest Italian actress then decided to confirm the rumors surrounding her relationship with Tim Burton. Even more: In the pages of the magazine “Madame Figaro”, Monica Bellucci praises the American director: “The films he makes reveal his brilliant soul (…) I found a wonderful soul in Tim. I met a wonderful soul, a man who has a world of dreams. He’s wonderful. ” in magazine columns HeMonica Bellucci continues to openly profess her love for Tim Burton: “I love Tim. And I respect Tim Burton very much. First of all I’m very happy to have met the guy. It’s one of those encounters that rarely happens in a lifetime.” A powerful love that the actress and director made publicly official on the red carpet of the Rome International Film Festival in October 2023. And seeing them as collaborators, with intertwined hands and mesmerizing gaze, one thing is for sure: Monica Bellucci and Tim Burton have bright days ahead!

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