Stars who have returned to shine after leaving the alcohol

“I’ve flirted with the idea of embracing a sober lifestyle. I’m still not at that point, but I thought at several moments while recording the album”, says Lady Gaga during an interview granted to Apple Music with the occasion of the presentation of Chromatica, his last work. “I can be very hard on myself because … Read more

Justin Bieber has a past movidito something where sex, drugs and alcohol were the protagonists

When Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin came out together, few thought that theirs really was. But time has given the reason to the couple and today they are not only a marriage, happily married, but that does not cease to be signs of affection and support that make us see that theirs is love of … Read more

Daniel Radcliffe explains why the end of ‘Harry Potter’ compounded his problems with alcohol

Daniel Radcliffe is known for his performance as ‘Harry Potter’ for a decade. The actor has been open now about how it was emotionally for him to finish this saga. Has been, during an interview on the british radio BBC Radio 4 when has had his problems with alcohol. Radcliffe felt a lot of fear … Read more

“Drove drunk”. Gloria Camila is silent. “The Civil Guard caught him by tripling the rate of alcohol”

March 09, 2020 (10:30 CET) Gloria Camila, gave an exclusive interview to Turn to see, after almost a year of terminating your relationship with Kiko Jimenez. The extronista reviewed in Save me all the statements of his former spouse and some you had a certain grace. Even got to launch some juicy indirectly as when … Read more