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Tom Cruise is slowly breaking up couples, the Biebers are in crisis, Sophie Marceau has moved in with a man; Leonardo DiCaprio takes down the shovel; Kanye West turns Bianca naked, Khloe Kardashian shows her pussy; Strange rumors are spreading about Kate Middleton

Stefan Plaza’s return to favor is not for now, The presenter, who was accused of domestic violence by three women, raised the temperature of public opinion by posting a photo of his wax double, in preparation for the Grevin Museum. “Children’s dream, I’m going to be with the big ones,” ... Read more

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Kanye West snatches paparazzi’s phone (video)

A new incident involving Kanye West and a photographer recently surfaced, which shows the constant tension between celebrities and paparazzi. In everyday life, stars like Kanye West, also known as Ye, often have photographers trying to capture every moment of their personal life. This time, the incident happened when Kanye ... Read more

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