Tom Cruise is slowly breaking up couples, the Biebers are in crisis, Sophie Marceau has moved in with a man; Leonardo DiCaprio takes down the shovel; Kanye West turns Bianca naked, Khloe Kardashian shows her pussy; Strange rumors are spreading about Kate Middleton

Stefan Plaza’s return to favor is not for now, The presenter, who was accused of domestic violence by three women, raised the temperature of public opinion by posting a photo of his wax double, in preparation for the Grevin Museum. “Children’s dream, I’m going to be with the big ones,” he marveled in the comments. The reception was volcanic: hundreds of indignant responses came, “The brave old world still has room to breathe”, even Helen DeVinck, who testified against the PPDA, responded. The museum defended itself, arguing that the decision to bring in a real estate agent was taken before the complaints and stressed that no date had been planned for the exhibition at this time.

Closer announces Tom Cruise as single again. The love story with Russian Alesina Khairova may already be over. According to a source, the Hollywood star wanted to make things go smoothly since they live in the same building. “The bad ending would have been weird if they had passed each other in the elevator. “Not a liar. Three short months and a few outings will be enough to handle the relationship.

And the public sees Sophie Marceau off, This is the week’s newspaper and magazine front page: Our Vic walking the streets of Paris with a man, actor and director Frédéric Quiring. So, yes, we would like to believe it too, but we have to convince ourselves that they walk hand in hand (and the photo isn’t really clear), that they embrace despite the heads (and mouths) being far apart. It is not so sacred to part ways and then we have to ignore their 30 years of friendship, as both the actors met on the sets a long time ago. Not very reassuring. The only information that is up for grabs is that the actress has decided to relocate and is settling in the center of Paris and the gentleman is helping her…

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Charlene of Monaco dislocated her shoulder, Camilla dislocated her sword, Prince Louis lost a finger; Madonna shows off her toyboy, Victoria Beckham, David’s butt; Felipe and Letizia of Spain smile, Juan Carlos throws them to the dogs; Tom Cruise comes to Russian

Is Gisele Bündchen a little secret? At any rate, that’s what her ex-husband Tom Brady’s entourage would like us to understand. “If she wants to make people believe that she’s only been going out with Joaquim (her Ju-Jitsu teacher) since the divorce, that’s great for her.” In fact, she was already with him before the marriage ended and “Tom would have accepted it”. Yes, here too it is not very reliable…

Leonardo DiCaprio kisses like a foot, He does not want to hear the whining of his companions and is not in the habit of getting angry. That’s according to an attractive 22-year-old Playmate, who recently flirted with the actor at a private club in Los Angeles. After immediately making eye contact, the Titanic star walked up to her and kissed her, but when she refused to go home with him, he became angry and replied briefly, “Okay, I respect”, then a The other turned to the young girl, who accepted the invitation. “Very strange and very old,” several of his friends reportedly had a brief relationship with him. One of them even said that he had his headphones on the whole time during the act, he didn’t want to listen to her… really weird.

Kanye West and his audience (of Gogoz) found each other well, The ambivalent review along with the intense reaction to the rapper’s latest show can be read in Closer. For the modest sum of 150 euros, a concert in a huge hall in Paris, no, no, a “listening party”. My co-worker made it clear that “not a word was rapped” and barely copied in playback, rather the 15 tracks from the previous album were “spitted on the speaker”. A quarter of an hour of waiting, a black T-shirt with “1” on it, 40 euros as a souvenir, and the victory of North West, a 10-year-old girl (who appeared on the stage (but) has no school in the United States , or what?) and almost a hooded singer from beginning to end and they want more? A mystery.

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Mariah Carey gets ready for Christmas; Babeth Lemoine and Bertrand Chameroy Nest; Brad Pitt wins his senior card, Victoria Beckham wins silver for the first time; Pamela Anderson washes her clothes with roses; Ralf Schumacher gives news of Michael

And then, it’s done, it’s done: Bianca Censori has crossed the Rubicon. Kanye West’s wife stopped showing everything and she chose Paris Fashion Week to do so. The poor girl was wearing panties and had nothing underneath, not even a stuffed animal or pillow to hide her little things. In front, behind, there is a splash in the English newspapers, while her father wants to talk to the rapper about this constant nudity imposed on his daughter: according to him “this is not love”.

For her part, Khloe Kardashian also filters her pussy. Kim’s younger sister, not satisfied with applying 100% photo retouching whenever she speaks on her networks, has decided to do the same fate to her cat. The animal, a light brown female, appeared with large eyes, which became lighter and wider by the software. TSS TSS TSS.

Queen and Queen of England, soon on the throne a reality? A younger cousin of Charles III has recently married a woman. So, okay, Ellen Lascelles is only 72 years oldth In the order of succession to the title of Sovereign; So perhaps this will never happen, but the scenario seems more plausible if we consider all royal families.

Here’s George Clooney shooting in Var. The actor in a blue polo shirt, in France, The actor and his wife in a restaurant in France, The children receive schooling in a top secret establishment in France. So Kokoriko proud of this move! But as for the magazine, we’re not ready to see JoJo and Amalie Clounet in flip-flops at Inter Brignoles to stock up on pasties next summer. Their first attempt caused a riot and since then, they have been shrinking.

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Charlene and Stephanie of Monaco are messing around, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake are fighting; Danny Boone and Laurence Arne postpone wedding; Sharon Stone takes semi-retirement from sex; Leticia Hallyday is them. till; Claudia Schiffer takes her pussy out

Hailey and Justin Bieber, 27 and 30 respectively, are in the midst of a relationship crisis. First act: Super Bowl. The American football tournament is an opportunity for every star to show off. The model and singer were no exception, except that it was clearly seen that Madame had ignored her husband the entire evening. We’re told she finds him “immature and clingy.” Second task: Hailey’s father Stephen Baldwin asked fans via Instagram to send him “a little prayer” to help him find “wisdom and safety.” Act III: She is angry that Dad is interfering in her affairs, but nevertheless runs away, wearing her tights, to the church, a few hours later, for the evening service. Where is the month?

Christina Cordula, queen of the “Staple Magnifica” on the M6, lives up to her cowhide reputation By participating in “Dancing with the Stars”. She keeps smiling and keeping a positive attitude in front of the camera but as soon as the red light goes out, “she complains about everything. She makes her dancer drink alcohol and behaves unbearably with her journalist. » She also “yells” at her partner when she is not satisfied. A very beautiful picture that adds to the disgusting and insulting image that the presenter has already been carrying for several years.

The diva’s attitude will probably stick to Marion Cotillard’s coattails too Who didn’t even glance at her assistant at the Oscars, let alone thank her, when she picked up an earring that had fallen on the red carpet. Ugly.

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Renaud remarried; Orelson has a baby, Kim Kardashian has a new fiancée and psoriasis; David Beckham is crazy about his new girl, Heidi Klum is crazy about dildos and sausages; Clooney is different, Madonna is four-on-one; Celine Dion pays her son

But who wants the skin of former Spice-Girl Geri Halliwell’s husband? Barely a few hours after being acquitted in the investigation for “inappropriate conduct” and while F1 engines are already roaring in Bahrain for the start of the first Grand Prix of the season, an anonymous email has reopened the Christian Horner case. Is done. Dozens of sports celebrities were sent links to intimate photos and screenshots of explicit messages. Has the Red Bull team director really gone too far? Geri Halliwell realized this when she stepped into the Emirates to watch the competition. Will she stay to support her husband or get straight back on her jet to go home? Reply on the starting line!

Kate Middleton, who has been invisible for two months, will be the only choice : Bottom of the bucket with severe depression, in the process of negotiating her divorce, her face may have been altered after cosmetic surgery, may have had Crohn’s disease or may have been disfigured by domestic violence. Thanks to English newspapers for exposing a truth: lack of information makes you crazy.

To finish before re-reading Sophie’s Misfortunes: Madonna fell heavily on stage in Seattle while she was doing choreography with a chair: A beautiful player, she got up laughing to resume the show. Coldplay singer Chris Martin salutes the sea before going into the water: as proof, here is a photo of him meditating, sitting in a swimsuit facing the ocean, hands clasped and eyes closed. It’s been confirmed: The courts confirmed this week that Prince Harry and his family (ie Meghan) will not be entitled to State Police protection when they arrive on British soil. Bradley Copper is a nudist type: the actor is often naked at home.

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