Margot Robbie reveals what was his reaction after that Brad Pitt will thank you to your feet in the SAG 2020

Last Sunday, after winning the prize as Best supporting Actor, Brad Pitt he gave a hilarious speech at the SAG Awardswhere not only praised his co-stars, but also thanked him to his feet: “I want to thank my co-stars, Leo, Margot Robbie feet, Margot Robbie, the feet of Margaret Qualley, the feet of Dakota Fanning“ … Read more

Angelina Jolie surprises the show a serious problem in their feet

Angelina Jolie surprises the show a serious problem in their feet | Instagram The actresses and celebrities in many cases hide a few flaws like any person, the hollywood actress Angelina Jolie it is not harmless to the filtered image, in which their feet reflect a serious problem. It was felt that not what you … Read more

Shakira hits you with its incredible elasticity of How he could bring his feet up there?

Shakira becomes to be viral in the social networks, then appear doing a pose pretty flexible with their legs, making their millions of fans around the world to wonder, “How could you do that?” May 12, 2020 · 21:27 hs Our beloved singer of colombian origin has never stopped surprising us, from which appeared for … Read more

Emilia Clarke: “An aneurysm makes you have your feet on the ground” | Interview Stories

In a single decade, Emilia Clarke made her debut on television, was three times nominated for best supporting actress in a drama series at the Emmy awards –the most important television was as one of the actresses better paid of the small screen –with a salary of two million euros per episode– in 2017 and … Read more

It is not the mount for you! Look at why the feet of Kylie Jenner caused so much euphoria

The entrepreneur and American model Kylie Jenner it is, without doubt, one of the Influencers most sought after of her generation, which makes that it is always the focus of photographers and millions of followers throughout the world. The socialite of 22 years has established itself as one of the millions more young people in … Read more

REALLY? No one can believe that Kylie Jenner has found their feet in this state. PHOTOS

Recently it was learned that one of the young millionaires from all over the world was the model and businesswoman international Kylie Jenner. Then it is expected that the youngest of the sisters Kardashians have time, money and staff to always look amazing. Related News Some years ago, in a sort of euphoria to find … Read more

The dream home (with more than 1,000 square feet) that Selena Gomez just buy

Related news Selena Gomez (27 years), that is achieving great success with their last few musical themes, just add a new property to its already considerable real estate empire after disburse more than us $ 4.9 million (4.5 million euros at the exchange) in a impressive mansion in Los Angeles. None of the houses that … Read more

“Horror!”. And it is by the feet of Cristina Pedroche. The teaches and sees this!

March 21, 2020 (13:50 CET) Cristina Pedroche is very worried. As many citizens, has noticed that this virus that is spreading throughout the world was no joke. Many are frightened by the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen in your environment or that will happen in the future. When it will return to normal? … Read more