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He Fluminense The Brazilian attacking trio will be made up of Argentinian German Cano, Colombian Jhon Arias And in this Thursday’s match for Keno’s title South American Cup Winners Cup In front of him League of Quito Ecuadorian, which will start
goalscorers of paraguay alex arce On the bench.

The Brazilian team had to win by a margin of at least two goals.
Playground Maracana in Rio de Janeiro The match will start without a full-back to win the title after losing 1-0 in the first leg in Quito. Marcelo, Recovering from injury.
(Nairo Quintana: Former teammate makes harsh confession and it destroys him, video) (Video: Jhon Arias scores double to give Fluminense the South American Cup Winners’ Cup)

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Rio Club Technician, Fernando Diniz, RHe called on the young striker during the game John Kennedy, One of its main scorers and author of Libertadores title goals, according to the lineup released by CONMEBOL Shortly before the engagement.

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Ecuador needs only a draw to win its third title
At the Maracana, he would make practically no changes to the team he was playing with, the only addition would be the insertion of midfielder Jefferson Valverde in place of Jhojan Julio.

Coach Fernando Diniz praised Arias, who is one of the Brazilian club’s legends and who contributed greatly to the victory in the final.

john arias

Pablo Porciuncula. AFP

“When I arrived here I was a guy with a huge talent who needed help realizing all his talent. Gradually he began to recognize his potential and became more confident in his talent. Apart from his talent, he is also an extraordinary person,” Diniz told ‘Globo Esporte’.

john arias

Pablo Porciuncula. AFP

And I add: “He’s a very sensitive, cultured, intelligent guy and he’s one of the players who understands me best.”, This was not an easy relationship. We went, we went, we went and it got better. Help the team grow and promote themselves. “It’s up and down without stopping.”
(John Arias: ‘This is a special title for me, the cigar roller’; video)


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