What do we really expect from AI? Google’s Gemini debacle sparks a debate for the future

Recent deployments of Gemini chatbot Google’s artificial intelligence flagship became a minefield of criticism and controversy. The company’s ambition is to eliminate prejudice from within aye Ultimately a highly partisan situation arose, a situation that has served as ammunition for criticism of many personalities Elon MuskWho accuse big technologies of being involved in schemes overly concerned with political correctness.

This episode is reminiscent of Twitter briefly blocking a story New York Post about laptop hunter biden In 2020, a movement increasingly capitalized on by statistics ted cruzPointing to the error as a sign of bias in large technology platforms.

It didn’t take long for comments such as those from observers of the world of Internet culture to arrive read max Presenting sharp assessments on the matter. The central question seems to be moving forward “How or why did this happen?” To “What do we really expect our chatbots to do?”,

To read, the idea of ​​relying on one aye It is foreign and impractical to generate moral comparisons between historical figures, which highlights the abnormality of the situation. Gemini refused to give position Adolf Hitler like worse than Elon Musk,

in the matter of Gemini became a big challenge for Google, considering the high expectations placed on this technology as a bet on the future. Although most people outside the company’s ecosystem may not be aware of these failures, internally it is viewed as a major setback.

File photo: The Google logo and the words Artificial Intelligence are visible in this illustration taken May 4, 2023. Reuters/Dado Ruvik/Illustration/File

While we’re getting used to the idea that chatbots can’t be 100% trustworthy because they’re “stupid”, it’s one thing to worry that they could be intentionally inaccurate because that’s how they were designed.

The discussion moves beyond the controversy to questions about its true purpose and future applications. aye, While they are excellent at summarizing the lesson that represents a significant economic disruption, other envisioned applications, such as the idea of ​​chatbots becoming lifelong “collaborators” that understand users deeply, predict investor and promoter Is aye Marc AndreessenThey still seem very far away.

Given this scenario, perhaps it is time to take a breath and reevaluate what this technology can and cannot actually do. Status of Gemini Not only raises questions about the effectiveness of algorithms in avoiding bias, but also invites broader reflection on the role and expectations of artificial intelligence in our society.

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