The wonderful habit of Shawn Mendes that Camila Cabello has decided to adopt

This is one of the things that you love to Camila Hair of Shawn Mendes… Since we began dating, Shawn has completely changed the life of Camila, and during an interview in New Music Daily with Zane Lowe on Beats 1the star revealed that the singer has a strange, but beautiful habit, which she has … Read more

Paris Jackson, the daughter bisexual of the ‘king of pop’, interprets the son of God in ‘Habit’, and has been involved

We already know that any reinterpretation of the life of jesus Christ stands always blisters for one reason or another. But is that, on this occasion, the hue and cry has been formed because Paris Jacksonthe daughter of the very ‘king of pop‘, will embody directly the son of God in his new movie, Habit. … Read more

Does massage or cleaning? Kate Beckinsale and a rare habit next to your cat

The british actress archi recognized Kate Beckinsalefor her role of Selena in the saga Underworld, is a lover of pets. In fact it has several, among them his two cats and faithful companions, Clive and Willow. In your account of Instagram which has more than 3.5 million followers, shared a video next to Willow that … Read more

Paris Jackson will be jesus Christ in ‘Habit’, a musical indie chock-full of familiar faces | Now

Paris Jackson has decided to make a transfer of the modeling world to the movie. The daughter of Michael Jackson it will be one of the protagonists of the musical indie Habit, a film about a homeless woman out of the world of drugs that is pretending to be a nun and that has visions … Read more