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Being able to fall asleep, get the necessary hours of sleep without interruption and wake up the next day with the full feeling that we have rested It is not an easy task For many.

Insomnia or trouble sleeping, because we are thinking about something that worries us or because we go to bed without being completely rested can ultimately affect our healthWhich benefits a lot from good rest.

And they know a lot about Japan, where most people practice an ancient technique that directly helps them fall into deep sleep, rest as needed And, to be happy too.

We are talking about ‘Haragei’, a Japanese word that can be translated as “belly art” or “The Art of Gut Communication”,

It refers to the ability to communicate with others non-verbally, paying particular attention to body signals, emotions, and intuition. Haragei is an integral part of many Japanese martial arts.Such as Aikido, where it is considered essential to understand and anticipate the opponent’s movements.

Haragei is an integral part of many Japanese martial arts.

Easy exercise, great benefits

The practice of Haragei involves developing greater physical, emotional and mental awareness. This is achieved through breathing exercises, meditation, and techniques that help attune to the body’s sensations and emotions. Practitioners learn to trust their intuition and ability to understand the subtle cues left off by others, allowing them to communicate more effectively and authentically.

If we practice Hargei before going to bed, thus working on breathing, and achieving the necessary peace through meditation, we will see a series of benefits. This will have a direct impact on the quality of our sleep.,

  • stress reduction: The practice of Haragei, which involves breathing and meditation techniques, can help reduce stress and anxiety levels, resulting in improved sleep quality.

  • Greater body awareness: By developing greater awareness of the body, Hargei practitioners can recognize and release built-up tension in the body, facilitating sleep and improving relaxation.

  • MImproves Intuition: Hargei teaches you to trust your intuition and your ability to read the non-verbal cues of others. This can lead to greater self-confidence and a sense of deeper connection with others, which in turn can contribute to greater happiness and satisfaction in interpersonal relationships.

  • Better emotional balance: By developing greater emotional awareness and learning to manage emotions in healthy ways, Hargei practitioners can experience greater emotional balance, which can improve mood and overall sense of well-being.

In conclusion, Haragei is a practice that encourages the mind-body connection. authentic communicationWhich can have significant benefits in improving sleep quality and promoting overall happiness and well-being.

A way to achieve peace through silence, our controlled breathing is the only weapon to achieve peace.

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