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It is not practiced in Spain

Being able to fall asleep, get the necessary hours of sleep without interruption and wake up the next day with the full feeling that we have rested It is not an easy task For many. Insomnia or trouble sleeping, because we are thinking about something that worries us or because ... Read more

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Cesil completes strategic plan for personalized medicine

Without haste, but without stopping, Piano, Piano, Castilla y León lays out its strategic plan for personalized therapy with well-woven wicker. It can claim to be one of the autonomous communities with the highest speed of implementation, a revolution with many challenges and a paradigm shift between classical medicine – ... Read more

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Revitalize body and mind in Benicassim

Revitalize body and mind in spring Spring brings with it a natural impulserejuvenation and welfareNot only for physical purification, but also for internal purification of body and mind. Palasiat Thalasso Clinic and Hotel Positioned as an ideal destination for those looking to rejuvenate themselves through comprehensive detoxification programSpecially designed to ... Read more

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