“It is a problem for the whole of Spain, the only country where this is not characteristic”

They demand degrees in medicine and laboratory genetics in the Murcia region: “It is a problem for the whole of Spain, the only country without this specialty”it

genetics “Essential for the prevention, treatment, diagnosis and management of all diseases that have a genetic basis“, As cancermalformations or reproductive problems, as well rare diseasescardiological, neurological And hair therapy,

Based on this scientific evidence, the Popular Parliamentary Group has presented a proposal in regional assembly To demand from the Spanish Government the construction and establishment of Specialist degrees in medical and laboratory genetics In Region of Murcia.

pp understand this Health expertise should be in line with Europeand thus respond to the needs of the national health system and patients two basic areas: Clinical-medical and laboratory.

Spain, the only country without this characteristic

Furthermore, the creation of this feature will encourage genetic research campaigning in the country Exchange knowledge with other experts Of the entire area. This will also allow Professionals stay updated on the latest developments In the region, said regional representative María Luisa Ramón Merono.

“We echo A problem that the entire national health system has because spain The only country that does not have this specialty And this is harmful for millions of patients,” declared the regional representative, underscoring the need for “individualized treatment.”


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