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Exosomes, the great revolution in aesthetic medicine to show young, natural and healthy skin without resorting to puncture

Nanovesicles that release stem cells from tissues and act as ‘messenger vehicles’ carry bioactive molecules – such as growth factors, proteins, lipids and nucleic acids – to target tissues, allowing all cellular A stimulating effect is produced on actions. Aesthetics and regenerative medicine embrace each other in search of treatments ... Read more

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Only one in 9 gets into a dental program.

degree in University of Medicine of Valencia It is the most requested of the five public universities, and is one of the most difficult universities to access, not only because of the cut-off mark (13.4 out of 14), but also because of the few available places. Out of approximately 6,000 ... Read more

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New Pan-Hispanic Dictionary of Medical Terms

After more than eight years of work, this pan-Hispanic dictionary of medical terms was released three months ago, the first with a common medical language, which has promoted Royal National Academy of Medicine of Spain (RANME) And this Latin American Association of National Academies of Medicine of Spain and Portugal ... Read more

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