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The movie “Top Gun: Maverick” has not only been a huge box office hit in 2022, but it has also increased interest in advanced aviation, especially with the introduction of the Darkstar, which is reminiscent of the famous SR-71 Blackbird. and its proposed successor, the SR-72. The latter, even in the realm of top secret projects, is seen by many as the next frontier in hypersonic aerospace exploration.

The SR-72, touted as an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) capable of hypersonic speed, is the center of speculation and anticipation within the aerospace community. It aims to exceed the capabilities of the SR-71, providing an advanced platform for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions at speeds in excess of Mach 6. Lockheed Martin, in collaboration with Aerojet Rocketdyne, is leading the development of this project, working on the scramjet. Propulsion technologies that could make hypersonic speed a reality.

The Darkstar, on the other hand, although a product of the cinematic imagination, presents features and capabilities that suggest parallels with the SR-72 in development. Its design and Lockheed Martin’s involvement in the film’s creative process have fueled speculation whether Darkstar is a preview of the SR-72. The opening sequence of “Top Gun: Maverick,” where Tom Cruise’s character reaches and exceeds Mach 10, though dramatic, highlights aspirations toward aircraft that could operate at previously unattainable speeds on critical missions. Is.

SR-72: A revolution in hypersonic flight and air dominanceSR-72: A revolution in hypersonic flight and air dominance

However, the reality of the SR-72 and its capabilities remain a matter shrouded in mystery. As Lockheed Martin and its partners advance the development of key technologies, the line between what is currently possible and what falls into the realm of science fiction is becoming increasingly blurred. The SR-72’s participation in future operations, particularly in surveillance and reconnaissance tasks, promises to revolutionize the way these missions are accomplished, providing unprecedented speed and capabilities.

Although Darkstar from “Top Gun: Maverick” is a work of fiction, his portrayal on the big screen serves as a powerful reminder of the ambitions and possibilities in the field of hypersonic aviation. As we approach the 2030s, anticipation for the SR-72 and its impact on military aviation and global recognition continues to grow, ushering in a new era in aerospace exploration.

SR-72 and its representation in Top Gun: Maverick

The collaboration between Lockheed Martin and the “Top Gun: Maverick” team has generated not only discussion about hypersonic capabilities and aircraft design, but also questions about the connection between movie fiction and real-life aerospace developments. The mention of Darkstar on Lockheed Martin’s website has caused a stir, suggesting that the capabilities shown in the film may not be too far from reality. This collaboration demonstrates Lockheed Martin’s interest in exploring the frontiers of aerospace innovation and sharing a glimpse of what the future may hold with the public.

Skunk Works releases details on Top Gun: Maverick's Darkstar hypersonic planeSkunk Works releases details on Top Gun: Maverick's Darkstar hypersonic plane

The SR-72, nicknamed “Son of the Blackbird”, is a project shrouded in mystery and speculation. Its development has been kept secret, with little information available to the public. According to Jeff Spry, the SR-72 is in the testing phase, with flight demonstrations expected in the near future. The project seeks to exceed the known limits of speed, aiming to operate at speeds greater than Mach 6, which would represent a significant leap in reconnaissance and surveillance capabilities.

Lockheed’s partnership with Aerojet Rocketdyne to develop a scramjet propulsion system for the SR-72 signals a commitment to hypersonic innovation. This system will allow the SR-72 to operate at subsonic to hypersonic flight speeds, highlighting Lockheed Martin’s ambition to lead in the field of advanced aviation. With the SR-72 planned to be operational by 2025 and into active service by 2030, the project aims to fill the gap left by the SR-71 and significantly advance the intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capability.

Although the reality of the SR-72 and its connection to the Darkstar featured in “Top Gun: Maverick” remains a subject of speculation, Lockheed Martin’s involvement in the film and its history in developing advanced aircraft suggests that the fiction is more than reality. Might be close we think. The possibility that Lockheed used the film as a platform to signal its progress in hypersonic technology is interesting and underscores the growing fusion between technological innovation and popular culture.


While “Top Gun: Maverick” offers an exciting, dramatic vision of what might be possible in the future of aviation, the real-world development of the SR-72 is set to revolutionize ISR operations and reimagine what we mean by speed. Defines and promises efficiency in the airspace. , As we approach the first flight demonstration and eventual operational deployment of the SR-72, the world anxiously awaits confirmation that capabilities once considered science fiction are now a solid component of the future of military aviation. Are.

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