Petro on departure from Mindportes

It is noteworthy that the discussion will take place in the full session of the Upper House next Wednesday. debate on censure motion Against the Minister of Sports, Astrid Rodríguez, for Barranquilla’s defeat at the Pan American Games in 2027.

“It’s scheduled for next Wednesday Discussion In this regard, “indicated the head of the board of directors after the senator’s statement in this regard. efren cepedaChairman of the Conservative Party.

“It must have fiscal responsibility and disciplinaryBarranquilla paid $2.2 million which must be returned. this is one irreparable matter For the country, we won’t have the Pan American Games again for a long time and this is a serious damage to the cityd, region and country. Joselito Carnaval dies but will be revived the next year; The Pan American Games are gone forever,” Cepeda Sarabia said.

For his part, in the Chamber, Representative Modesto Aguilera radical changeDemanded a report from the Minister of Finance telling us what the legal and budgetary reasons were for not transferring the $8 million from the Pan American Games in Barranquilla. who is responsible? And I’m going to sound the alarm right now: today it has been announced that the city of Valledupar will host the 2026 ParaSouth American Games. Let’s see if the government will be able to spoil our athletes again, just because the event will be held Caribbean region,

And the opponent said “It’s a total deviation That the Sports Minister has resigned from his post to run away political control That they have prepared for that in the Senate. We want to know who is responsible, is it their portfolio? Finance Minister? Or President Petro?”

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