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Virtual concerts: fad or are they here to stay?

The metaverse It is a space where we can do almost all the activities of the real world but immersed in the virtual world. Although they are not experienced in the same way, more and more artists are doing recitals within the metaverse and gaming. Imagine attending a concert by …

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The best 8 NFT games to discover in 2023

For Writing Crypto247 Metacade stands out as the most attractive option for players seeking profit on new platforms. The crypto ecosystem had a bleak 2022 in many respects, but there was one growing point that will lead the way for years to come: non-fungible token (NFT) gaming and the growing …

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The metaverse: past, present and future

Telos Magazine Pavel Sidorenko Bautista, UNIR – International University of La Rioja and José María Herranz de la Casa, Castilla-La Mancha university The word metaverse It is an adaptation to Spanish of the term metaverse which is composed of: goal What does transcendental mean? verse which refers to the universe. …

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