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Journalists detained in Moscow during anti-war protests led by military wives

(CNN) — Several people, including journalists from foreign press organizations, have been detained in Moscow following authorities’ crackdown on protesters at Russian President Vladimir Putin’s election headquarters, independent media reported on Saturday. The protest was organized by wives of men mobilizing amid a growing women’s movement demanding the return of ... Read more

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In an atmosphere of regret over the attack on Belgorod, Putin delivered his New Year message and affirmed that Russia “will become even stronger”.

(CNN) — Russian President Vladimir Putin praised those taking part in his “special military operation” in Ukraine and said Russia would “come even stronger”, in his New Year address to the nation, as several Russian cities declared that They are canceling the festivities in solidarity with the Belgorod attack. “Today ... Read more

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Ukrainian bombing kills 14 Russian civilians, officials say, a day after Russia launched its biggest airstrike of the war

(CNN) — At least 14 people, including two children, were killed in a Ukrainian bombing in the Russian city of Belgorod this Saturday, according to the Russian Emergency Ministry. According to Russian state news agency TASS, citing the Russian Emergency Ministry, Saturday’s deaths were the result of a “large-scale” attack ... Read more

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