The debt that Cruz Azul paid off to strengthen itself for Clausura 2024

Cruz Azul’s current administration finds itself in an $80 million economic crisis

current administration of blue Cross The club faced an obstacle upon his arrival: there was an economic deficit of $80 million, which had arisen with reinforcements from the past. For him Completion 2024The loan has been repaid and La Máquina has been able to sign a contract before the start of the tournament.

“When we arrived, barely 20 percent of that loan had been repaid,” said an informed source. Another person familiar with the matter commented, “It was a sum close to the value of a club.”

The current administration led by Victor Velazquez had to restructure the institution after taking office in 2020 and took almost three years to settle the $80 million liability inherited from the previous administration, which did not allow them to hire . Easily reinforced in previous tournaments.

“In recent years we have worked very hard to ensure the financial and administrative soundness of our club. Today we can say this blue Cross “He has all the tools to achieve greatness,” commented President Víctor Velázquez at the presentation of Iván Alonso as sporting director.

For the next championship, blue Cross It consists of five reinforcements and cost approximately $20 million. Among the reinforcements are Uruguay’s Gabriel Fernandez and Camilo Cândido, plus Argentina’s Gonzalo Piovi and Lorenzo Faravelli along with Colombian Kevin Meier, all of whom are already in Mexico before the tournament begins.

As part of the plan and thanks to the fact that the club’s finances were cleaned up before the end of the tournament, the profile of the sporting director was sought and Iván Alonso was agreed to a structured project, which was implemented in the current Being launched in, with the help of coach Martin Anselmi.

The restructuring involved a change in the organizational chart, with engineer Víctor Velázquez appearing as head of the project, with Antonio Reynoso as administrative director and Iván Alonso as sports director under him.

Coach Martin Anselmi, Mathias Cardasio as football director and Julio Cavada as women’s coach report to Iván Alonso.

Reinforcement sought in local market

blue Cross They are looking for some reinforcements in the local market, one of them of interest is Alexis Vega, for whom they are willing to reach a good agreement with Chivas, even if the footballer could be released in six months. Furthermore, Alfonso ‘Ponchito’ González is being targeted, who has already been interrogated by Rayados del Monterrey.

Changes in Cruz Azul

In La Maquina Celeste, some renovations are planned to La Noria, in order to create a high performance centre. blue Cross The women’s wing continues to be at the forefront, investing in a clubhouse and having a new bus.

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