The first Tesla Cybertruck owners reported premature rust in their vehicles

Tesla Cybertruck owners report rust stains after exposure to rain (Tasmanian)

A few months after starting deliveries to customers, tesla cybertruckThe cars, which are priced between $57,390 and $96,390, have faced criticism from owners who have reported problems with rust. electric vehicles Which was promised to be made of stainless steel.

multiple users Social Networks And specialized forums have shared photos of rust spots appearing on the exterior of their new cars, especially after driving in the rain. A user has been identified Raxar Shared pictures of small orange spots on myself cybertruckDespite trying to eliminate it with dish soap, it failed.

“The advisor specifically noted that the Cybertruck develops orange rust spots in the rain and the vehicle needs to be polished,” One owner reported this in a publication published on February 8. cybertruckownersclub.comcited by San Francisco Gate.

According to experts, the stains are not caused by defects in the Cybertruck’s steel, but by oxidation of foreign metal particles that stuck to it during the manufacturing or transportation process (Reuters/Mike Blake)

In the same forum, another user was identified as vertigo3pbHe said he noticed “Erosion” Even when outside your vehicle, even when experiencing rainy conditions. cybertruck It only had 613 kilometers on it and was parked in possession for most of the 11 days.

Although Tesla founder Elon Musk has promoted this model as practically indestructible, even claiming to have shot it with a submachine gun without any consequences, the reality appears to be different . This fact has caused surprise and consternation among users, he said, especially since a vehicle with an exterior advertised as an “ultra-resistant stainless steel exoskeleton” would be expected to better resist the elements. CBSNews.

Justin Demery, a longtime Tesla fan, provided an explanation after observing these locations in person. According to Demery, and later confirmed by Tesla engineers Wes Morrill and Elon Musk cybertruck During manufacturing or distribution. “Sometimes if it falls on a car and gets stuck there, if it comes in contact with moisture or rain, it rusts. But this is iron which rusts.”he indicated Demri,

Tesla offers the option of wrapping the vehicle in film in black or white for $6,000, or in a transparent version for $5,000, which provides a barrier against potential surface damage (Reuters/Dado Ruvik)

Demri Also shared an effective solution for remove these stains:Application of Brand Cleaner Bar Keepers Friend, Although this process can remove a thin layer of steel cybertruckProven to be a quick and effective way to restore the vehicle’s appearance.

For those concerned about stainless steel surface safety, Tesla Offers the option of wrapping trucks in black or white paint film for $6,000 or in clear film for $5,000, which protects against scratches.

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