The most sought-after premium Dyson vacuum cleaner of 2023 drops to almost €200

When we are looking for a vacuum cleaner that allows us to eliminate all the dust and dirt accumulated in our home, we will find models of all categories and prices. In many cases, it is advisable to bet on the winning horse and make a safe investment to get the best results. That’s why today we’re going to talk about a premium Dyson vacuum cleaner that is guaranteed to be a success and has a great price on the MediaMarkt website.

In particular, we refer to Dyson Find v15 Fluffy, a high-end cordless vacuum cleaner that includes all kinds of technologies necessary for a thorough and thorough cleaning of our entire home. Today is a great chance to get it, because its price has dropped by 25% on the MediaMarkt website, so we have the perfect opportunity. If you want to know everything it is capable of offering, keep reading, we will tell you all the details and you will be amazed.

Strength and Versatility

We are talking about the star vacuum cleaner of the popular Dyson brand which is known for its 240 AW suction power, The presence of an acoustic sensor is responsible for classifying the aspirated particles, while its Fluffy Optic Brush Traps microscopic dust for deep cleaning. It also has a dirt sensor. This smart new feature takes care of using one acoustic sensor To measure and count particles released during the cleaning process. At the end, will automatically adjust power of section depending on the amount of dirt found.

His Brush features light Being able to see particles and other dirt residues not detectable by the naked eye in the dark to improve efficiency when cleaning. From LCD screen It will be possible to see in real time all the dirt that has been vacuumed to prevent any waste from being left uncollected, as well as to check the rest of the autonomy available, so that we can plan the cleaning time in the most effective way. Can. Its battery allows it Up to 60 minutes of cleaning,

find dyson v15 vacuum cleaner

his appearance dls technology (Dynamic Load Sensor) is responsible for automatically adjusting the suction power depending on the type of floor, and thus achieving optimal cleaning on different surfaces. it automatic power adjustment It is responsible for saving energy and ensuring that the vacuum cleaner is effective on different types of floors without us having to make constant manual adjustments. The vacuum cleaner also includes a fluffy optic brush along with six accessories.

Get this Dyson vacuum cleaner and save €194

Once we have reviewed and concluded its main features, it must be said that the Dyson V15 Detect Fluffy is a high-end cordless stick vacuum cleaner with which you can achieve the best cleaning with minimal effort. It is a guarantee of success and its price is also unbeatable.

Dyson V15 Absolute Vacuum Cleaner

There is one on the MediaMartk website RRP €749 But today you can buy it for just €555 and with free shipping. This is 25% off for one Total savings of €194, Furthermore, it has 1216 reviews with an average rating of 4.6/5 stars,

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