These are all the benefits of having insurance in the EsSalud system.

With monthly contribution criteria, the insurance covers everything from preventive services to financial assistance. (endian)

He Peruvian Social Health Insurance It stands as the cornerstone of a contributory health care system for Peruvian citizens.

For those who meet specific criteria such as monthly contributions, this insurance covers a wide range of services from prevention to benefits. economic and social, In this note, we will learn in detail about the five types of coverage it provides.

Protection extends to social benefits such as assistance in the postnatal and gestational stages. (endian)

For those who work as dependent employees or are pensioners +insurance Provides comprehensive coverage. After three months of contributions (except in emergency cases), this insurance provides protection against vaccination, medical care, hospitalization, medicines, artificial limbs and rehabilitation services.

Apart from this, it also includes financial benefits for various conditions like temporary disability and maternity.

The scope of this coverage not only covers emergency situations but also pregnancy care and postpartum care. outpatient medical care, vaccinations, and access to essential medicines Among the benefits offered are. Similarly, coverage extends to social benefits such as newborn care.

Designed for individuals and freelancers +health This ranges from outpatient care to medical emergencies. This includes dental services, outpatient or inpatient surgery, and access to essential medications.

In addition, it offers benefits such as Home Assistance Program (PADOMI), online service and assisted emergency transportation.

This insurance provides flexibility to those looking for independent coverage. With outpatient medical care including consultations across all specialties, Diagnostic testing and dental care+SALUD is an attractive option for those who want to personalize their health coverage.

hospital care, outpatient surgery or with inpatient care, and emergency care are also within the scope of services.

Coverage ranging from outpatient care to emergencies with benefits like PADOMI and assisted immediate transportation. (endian)

However, it is important to keep in mind the exceptions and waiting period +health, For example, there is a continuous waiting period of 24 months for contributions to the treatment of HIV and related diseases.

Additionally, pre-existing diseases and procedures not related to recovery or rehabilitation are not covered.

The importance of understanding these exclusions lies in the need for policyholders to plan and make informed decisions. Importance of waiting period for various medical conditions highlighted early membership and continues to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Specially designed for workers exposed to occupational hazards +security Provides occupational health advice, comprehensive medical care and assistance in rehabilitation and work adaptation. Furthermore, it includes the provision of prostheses and orthopedics necessary for recovery.

+The preventive approach to safety is manifested in offering advice on occupational health.

Workers and employers can access services that help prevent occupational risks and guarantee a safe environment. safe work,

comprehensive medical care, rehabilitation And job accommodations provide a safety net for those doing risky work.

With benefits ranging from medical care to economic and social assistance for agricultural workers and their families. (endian)

For workers in agricultural activities and hatcheries, EsSalud Agricultural Insurance Provides complete coverage from medical care to economic and social benefits. It also includes welfare and social promotion benefits, support to the health and safety of the worker and his family.

The specificity of this coverage reflects an understanding of the unique needs of agricultural workers.

From medical attention This insurance is adapted to the specific challenges of people dedicated to agricultural activities, for financial benefits for loss of income due to temporary disability during pregnancy.

focus on individual accidents, +life Provides compensation in cases of death or disability resulting from accidents. With a monthly premium, this insurance guarantees coverage up to S/75,000.00 in the event of death, with additional benefits for bereavement and burial.

The unpredictable nature of accidents highlights the importance of life. provides compensation Critical financial assistance in difficult times, ensuring that the designated beneficiaries receive the necessary assistance. The flexibility to designate beneficiaries provides an additional measure of customization and control.

Insurance offers customization options and financial protection in the event of an accident. (endian)

It is important to understand that insurance coverage begins With first payment or contribution, and thereafter, a period of three months is expected to fully cover all medical care. However, emergent emergencies can be dealt with from the first business day after the first payment.

While health care is essential, financial planning also plays an important role in managing health insurance. Careful beneficiary designation and understanding the waiting period are important considerations to ensure effective coverage.

In case of change of job, EsSalud Ensures a smooth transition, ensuring that the new plan takes effect upon the expiration of the previous plan. It provides continuity of coverage, ensuring timely medical care.

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