These devices translate audio and text in real time: We tested the T1 Mini and WT2 Edge hearing aids

The T1 Mini and WT2 headphones are ideal for travelers or those with frequent contact with people from other countries. (infobae)

While traveling in Spain I had the opportunity to meet a Brazilian man on a flight who struck up a conversation because I was wearing a football jersey and started asking me what other teams I liked and if I knew anyone from his country. Am.

During the hour-long flight we tried to communicate as best we could, since neither he nor I spoke Spanish, Portuguese and English were neither our strong suit. But it was a happy time in which I finally thought that if I had something I could be a good friend. This will help me communicate better, Something that I got after four years.

timekettle It has two devices that translate audio, text and image formats in real time and we were able to test them both to know in detail how we can use them in everyday situations.

It is a tool that brings together audio and image functions. Due to its design it is similar to a cell phone but much smaller, in fact its screen is 2.8 inches. But it is also equipped with a 5 MP camera, a microphone, 1 GB RAM and 8 GB storage. It has support for 38 languages, 80 pronunciations and we can download eight translation combinations for offline use.

With its help, we can take a person’s audio and translate it into text to speech. This is a form of use similar to a hand-held recorder, in which we press a button to pick up the sound and release it to translate.

In the case of cameras, it is useful to translate the text of advertising posters, documents, accessories and small elements in general because Your field of vision is not very wide And since it’s on a small screen, it’s best to use it for small text.

This device allows you to translate conversations between two people in real time.

This device has a specific function and is designed for cases such as trips in which we need to hear or say something in a language that we do not speak, such as a traffic accident, arrival at a hotel or assistance in a flight. . because of its size Fits easily in your pocket Or a handbag.

Its audio function is quite useful. Although you have to be precise when you press the button to start the conversation from the beginning, you can record a perfect time Translate the entire sentence without interruption, Furthermore, the result is also shown in text and audio, making it accessible to all types of users.

In this section, its biggest problem is the language configuration, since having a small screen makes navigation somewhat clumsy and this may bother some users.

Regarding image translation, its function is familiar if we have used it google lens: By pointing the camera at the text, the translation will appear on the screen and they will also give us a text to read in another place.

Here again there are problems in process agility, especially because camera has no focus, so you will have to be patient while translating as it may not take the entire text and may produce inaccuracies in the result. Additionally, photos taken are not saved and there is no translation history.

With this device you can translate advertising posters or documents.

in general terms, Fluentoc T1 Mini It is ideal for travelers, although its functions can be performed by current cell phones, having a device focused on translation provides greater comfort in case the phone is discharged or lost and by not having to save personal data, we Don’t take risks. Its design makes it light and there is no problem in keeping it in the pocket.

Like the previous device, it has support for around 40 languages ​​and allows downloading of eight combinations for offline use. The difference is that here we’re looking at a pair of hearing aids focused on translation, so they won’t be used to listen to cell phone content like music or videos.

To use the hearing aids we must download an application, which will be in charge of creating links and translating the content.

The T1 Mini and WT2 headphones are ideal for travelers or those with frequent contact with people from other countries. (infobae)

Among its functions is the option to translate conversations between two people simultaneously, so that each person can take a hearing aid and hear in their own language. It is ideal for specific situations such as a work meeting, casual conversation while traveling or a method for learning a new language.

The second function is the one that allows you to place the microphone of the cell phone and listen to the translation in real time. This option is interesting to view content that is in another language and does not have subtitles or translation.

Although it is not useful for watching movies or series, since the application will not distinguish between each of the characters and will generate errors, it is useful for enjoying conferences or monologues. We only have to place the phone in front of the audio output, activate the mode and Listen to translations in real time.

The WT2 application saves conversations and acts as a speaker. (infobae)

Unlike the FluentTalk T1 Mini, the translation history is saved here because the application is in charge of storing the information, taking advantage of the phone system, which is more robust.

However since timekettle While they do not ensure 100% accuracy in translation, the actual percentage is very close and the content is well understood, especially because hearing aids are designed to capture good sound and focus on the users’ voices.

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