“They have to hurry”: Diosdado Cabello wants a new opposition primary supported by the CNE

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Diosdado Cabello suggested at his general press conference of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) on Monday afternoon that a new opposition primary should be held in the country, despite the fact that one had already been held and declared the winner. It was done by Maria Corina Machado.


Chavismo’s number two also urged that “they have to hurry,” warning that the candidate should leave before the date of the presidential election is known.

“Meetings have been taking place for two weeks to present recommendations to the CNE, so that the CNE can decide on the elections, it is the CNE that makes the decisions, then there is the Barbados agreement, which establishes the second half of the year, the second “semester. If it starts in July, let’s imagine a scenario that starts in August, it’s six months, and if it’s in May, it’s three months, they have to hurry until the CNE gives the date,” Cabello specified. Does.

“Who will do the primary work for them? They have to go to the CNE so that there is no fraud, or they are going to leave it to Sumate, so I say they are late, they have to hurry up (…) If so All the candidates are there so they should have a primary basis for taking decisions,” he said.

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