They released two missing members of the Lebaron community; All four persons have already been traced

To date, the whereabouts of the two abducted people are unknown.  (Facebook/LeBaron Community)
To date, the whereabouts of the two abducted people are unknown. (Facebook/LeBaron Community)

After the kidnapping of four members of lebaran communityOn the night of this Monday, January 22, it was revealed that two members had already been released. Whereas on the afternoon of 23 January the remaining two were also released.

“They informed us of They have already released 2 kidnapped people Who were missing. They tell us that they have been beaten a lot, but they are already coming for them, Brian LeBaron wrote on the social network.

Through a video, Julian LeBaron explained that his family was already able to communicate Christian Bruce LeBaron Johnsonas well as Shem Lamar Stubbs Gwynn, who was reportedly the first person to be released after the kidnapping. after hours Miguel Angel Moreno Sanchez and Manuel Horacio Rios Jacobo They had already been detected.

According to the image shared on the network, the four men had gone on the way to the Sierra and the last time anything was heard about them they were in a long wooded garden. for its part, julian lebaron He was the one who confirmed the release of the first two people

Julian LeBaron reported that two of the four members of the LeBaron community were released after their abduction; They demand to show their remaining relatives alive.

After information about the disappearance came to light, the community devised a plan Caravan To chihuahua To demand that the authorities do their job and, in addition, find Miguel Ángel and Manuel Horacio alive, whom he said are “hard-working and honest” people. “He never hurt anyone.”

It was about six in the afternoon when the news was announced through social networks of the disappearance of four members of the LeBaron community, about whom there was no information since Sunday, January 21. The group asked for help through its Facebook page find them alive,

“Please help us find them!! we love you all. It is time to unite. Our brothers, Christian Bruce LeBaron Jhonson, Miguel Angel Moreno Sanchez, Shem Lamar Stubbs Gwynn and Manuel Horacio Rios Jacob, have been missing since yesterday,” it read, adding that they will not rest until everyone returns home.

Four members of the Lebaron community who were kidnapped.  (Facebook/LeBaron Community)
Four members of the Lebaron community who were kidnapped. (Facebook/LeBaron Community)

On the other hand, Adrien LeBaron also asked for the return of his community members Video Shared through their social networks.

“We are concerned about our brothers in the community who are missing, but we are also united and will do whatever it takes to get them home, where family and friends are waiting for them. The whole town wants him back and wants him to be healthy, he said.

He said this is not the first setback that his community has faced on an issue insecurity and violenceHowever, he warned that they would not allow themselves to be defeated and wanted to live in peace.

It should be noted that one of the recent episodes suffered by the LeBaron family occurred in early November last year when it Abduction And later Julian LeBaron’s daughter found alive In Casas Grandes, Chihuahua. On that occasion, both Brian and Adrien LeBaron condemned the events through their social networks.

“Now we want to find him We don’t want to be another kidnapping victim And we urge the authorities to pay attention and not fall into the basement of impunity.” In which a video was later shared minor reunited with her family Joe embraces the little girl after she exits her vehicle in Casas Grandes.

Sofia Zamaron, 16, entered the Puaquimé Technological University in the municipality of Casas Grandes and was not heard from again for a few hours. Credit: @AdrianneLeBaron

For their part, Chihuahua authorities confirmed to Infobae Mexico that the young woman suffered from a disease virtual kidnapping And she was found while she was nervously talking on the phone inside a square.

“Everyone is fine, your parents are fine, I don’t know what they were threatening you about, but everything was a lie“A man said during a meeting with the minor.

On November 4, 2019, nine people from the Lebaron community were murdered.  (QUARTOSCURO)
On November 4, 2019, nine people from the Lebaron community were murdered. (QUARTOSCURO)

He 4 November 2019 Members of the LeBaron family, a Mormon community with dual American and Mexican citizenship living in northern Mexico, were attacked by a criminal group. Line When traveling in the border area between the states of Chihuahua and Sonora.

Nine people, including six children, died in the attack. The incident caused great consternation in both Mexico and the United States and highlighted security problems related to organized crime in the region.

Despite the passage of time, the investigation is ongoing to find out the people responsible and the motives behind this tragic incident.

Authorities have made several arrests in connection with the case, leading to calls for justice and more effective measures to combat drug-related violence. For example, in December 2023, Fidel Alejandro “V”, nicknamed ChiquilinA former police officer involved in the massacre against LeBaron.

“Today the sentencing verdict was handed down where he was found criminally responsible for the crime Organized crime For crimes against health,” said Adrien LeBaron. It should be noted that the criminal cell LineIdentified as an armed wing of the Juarez Cartel, the attack was linked to the family.

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