This Habit Is My Only (Realistic) New Year’s Resolution to Take Care of My Mental Health

This habit is for the sole purpose of taking care of my mental health

There are many (and necessary) ways to take care of mental health, Because as we have said on other occasions, we take care of ourselves as soon as we wake up. However, this year I have decided ‘Make it easy’ And set one habit as your goal: Do everything consciously, not on autopilot, This is one of the recommendations that experts in different fields of wellness have recently repeated to me: practicing sports while living currency aware And its benefits and don’t sweat for the sake of sweating; eat with tasteWithout involving the cell phone and seeing how what we eat suits us… and, above all, do one thing at a time, slowly, at the same time without looking at the phone and without thinking about what to do next. It seems simple, but considering the mental pace in which we live And due to my desire for multitasking and productivity, I’ve decided to limit my list of good intentions to just that. I want to stop being on autopilot and pay attention to everything I do – for example, answering emails without doing any everyday tasks. This is my only wellness goal for this year. Because I believe that if I achieve this, and learn to live consciously, All aspects of my well-being will improve, And this means, for example, wake up without looking at my phone And just focus on the exercise routine I want to do or the coffee I’m going to drink, Take a walk without a cell phone in your pocket one of two eat without watching tv, All this will affect my health in many ways, including the fatigue I get from living alert status (And multitasking,

You can start by applying this rule

When we think fast and are (mis)set in our desire to achieve everything, It is difficult to fully enter that relaxed and conscious state, So, to start practicing it, I come back on recommendation from a nutritionist Christina Barros, “The big mistake we make in this sense is not stopping, living on autopilot mode all day. That’s why I recommend making a microstop 2 minutes at least 10 times a day, Being conscious of what we do and not doing two things at the same time, For example, it could be applying the cream and only applying the cream (without listening to anything) podcast At the same time, for example). Or prepare dinner without looking E-mail Meanwhile, “says Barrus, who recommends consciously doing these daily gestures that we usually put into practice in multitasking mode without any meaning or need.”

Make things easier (and consciously)

Another option to start taking life in a different way – is see the glass half full or half empty It’s up to us – it’s all about trying to make everything easier. This is absolutely one of the pillars of kaizen method, which advocates the importance of learning to live simply, focusing on what one can do rather than what is beyond our control. absolutely psychological maria martinez explains in his book living in kaizen mode (The editorial encourages) By focusing on the here and now and what you are doing in each moment, stress disappears. ,You get stressed just thinking about what you can’t do anymore., More than thinking about what you can do, it’s because you think you wouldn’t be able to do it, because if you had absolute certainty – if you felt it – that you would have it for everything. There will be time and you will be able to do this. Being able to do everything you want, there will be no stress,” he explains. And he advises to stop thinking about what you have left to do because “it doesn’t enable you to move forward faster, in fact, it makes you stumble more because You’re not focused on what’s in your hands right now, you want to control it.” The future – what you don’t do depends on you – and giving up control over the present, which depends on you,” he explains.

Importance of doing it in the morning

However the idea behind this objective is that Long lasting, sustainable and realistic habit Which allows us to live consciously and do everything from a level of attention and awareness of the present moment coach Amagoia Izaguirre He first of all emphasizes the importance of not starting the day in a hurry. “The first few hours I spend waking up little by little, making breakfast enjoyable, and focusing on the present. I activate all my senses“The smell of coffee, the sound of calm music, I see the color of the sky, I prepare breakfast and enjoy the moment without any distractions,” experts tell us. The consequences of doing so? “I’ve noticed that the day starts like this This has helped me concentrate., my internal dialogue will now start in a much better mood. I’ve gone from getting up and going on autopilot to being more mindful. You never know what’s going to happen, but you can control how to start the day and enjoy the first minutes, This is how life is seen differently,” he concluded. let’s go for it.

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