This is the diet that helps improve your vision

In addition to certain specific foods, it is essential to stay hydrated and limit the intake of foods rich in saturated fats and sugars.

While a healthy diet can provide the nutrients needed for vision, regular visits to an ophthalmologist are also essential.

according to statistics World Health Organization (WHO)Some? 314 million people victim visual disability in the world and there are 45 million of them Blind, For the unit, most eye diseases suffer from people above 50 years of age, can be treated easily,

maintain Look Optimal conditions depend on many factors, one of them is feeding, A Diet balanced and definitely rich Nutrients Can play a fundamental role.

eye drops.

Importantly, a balanced diet that includes a variety of fresh, nutritious foods is key to maintaining good eye health.

Importantly, a balanced diet that includes a variety of fresh, nutritious foods is key to maintaining good eye health.


Best foods to improve vision

Although Carrot It is historically known for its benefits LookThere is a wide variety of Eat Equally powerful that can strengthen and maintain Vision Optimum.

green leafy vegetables

spinachHe CauliflowerWave chardare rich with lutein And zeaxanthinTwo Antioxidant Essential which are deposited in the retina and help filter harmful light. These nutrients may help reduce the risk of developing eye disease Age-related, such as macular degeneration.


Omega-3 rich fish

He salmonThe Sardines And this Tuna They are excellent sources of fatty acids Omega 3, These help maintain beneficial acids Health of blood vessels eyes and may be less likely to suffer from dry eye syndrome And chronic eye disease,

nuts and seeds

almond kernel, chia seeds and of sunny are rich with Vitamin E and fatty acids Omega 3Nutrients that protect eye cells oxidative damage and contribute to a healthy long term vision,

pecan nuts.web


eggsespecially budthey are rich lutein And zeaxanthin, the same antioxidants are present in green leafy vegetables. These nutrients reduce the occurrence of eye diseases and improve the general health of the eyes.




beansThe Masur lentils And this gramare an excellent source of zincan essential mineral for eye health, Zinc helps in transportation Vitamin A To produce melanin from the liver to the retina, a Protective pigment in eyes.

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