This scene from Jenna Ortega’s upcoming film is so controversial that Hollywood is drastically changing the rules regarding intimacy.

culture news This scene from Jenna Ortega’s upcoming film is so controversial that Hollywood is drastically changing the rules regarding intimacy.

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In the United States, the actors’ union is still taking new measures regarding the latest profession.

A few months ago, many Internet users expressed their discomfort after seeing actress Jenna Ortega, a very young actress from the series Wednesday, Engaging in sex scenes with Sherlock star Martin Freeman (31 years her senior) for the film The Millers Girl, which is expected to be released in theaters this year. Ortega plays an 18-year-old student, while Freeman plays her fifty-year-old teacher, Jonathan Miller. And if the age difference made some viewers shudder with embarrassment, Christina Arjona, the intimacy coordinator on set, recently declared that Ortega was “sure what she wanted to do” for her sex scene and during the process He got full support. , In the Daily Mail column, she specifically states:

Part of my job is to support their decisions. I adapt myself to the comfort level of my actors, especially in a production where there is a large age difference between the actors.

I pay a lot of attention to both our talents and ensure that we keep a constant eye on them and do not cross their limits at any point of time. And again, I make sure – especially with a very young person – that they consent at all times.

Miller’s Girl (2024)

This scene from Jenna Ortega's upcoming film is so controversial that Hollywood is drastically changing the rules regarding intimacy.

If these statements are intended to console, first of all they have encouraged the American Guild (the first union of cinema actors) to strengthen its standards and protocols for the use of intimacy coordinators and especially with regard to confidentiality.

guild tightened rules

What exactly is an intimacy coordinator? ,Working in the shadow of series, films or documentaries, the coordinator, and often the coordinator of intimacy, ensures compliance with the plot, within the limits of the actors’ consent.“, explains CNC about a relatively recent profession, and one that is still under some development. This week, this profession is at the center of the news, with the American guild deciding to strengthen its protocols on filming. Have done. Additionally those who do not adhere to the required standards may be removed from the SAG-AFTRA registry following an investigation by the guild.

“Intimacy Coordinators are a vital resource on all film sets to ensure the safety of our members working in intimate scenes“, a spokesperson for SAG-AFTRA told Deadline, “Intimacy Coordinators must maintain confidentiality of the work and experience of actors performing highly sensitive scenes unless they have the actor’s permission to share this information publicly.” And “It is unacceptable to publicly release information about an actor’s stage work or confidences given to an intimacy coordinator without the actor’s consent.According to Deadline’s sources, Christina Ariana signed a nondisclosure agreement with Lionsgate, as well as a confidentiality agreement, but she still told the tabloid about star Jenna Ortega’s involvement in preparing for the film’s sex scenes. Decided to tell. A freedom that will probably not be repeated after this strengthening of the protocol.

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