This will happen under the sea of ​​Alexandria (video)

This is what the tunnel found under the sanctuary of Taposiris Magna looks like

In recent days, a surprising archaeological discovery was announced by an expert who has been researching for many years to find the tomb of Cleopatra. It turns out that, now, researchers have provided new information on this topic, after more than two years without any news and thousands of hypotheses around it.

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This is Dr. Kathleen Martínez who, some time ago, reported on the important discovery of a tunnel that could lead to his grave in the Mediterranean Sea, which is why it was considered a “geometric miracle”.

Now, the Dominican archaeologist gave a conference on February 13, titled: “Dominican Archaeological Mission in Egypt: Cleopatra; Findings and Conclusions. By Dr. Kathleen Martinez. In this regard, through TikTok, Dr. Harini Bhat under the user @tilscience provided all the details of this discovery.

Specifically, when it comes to research, many Egyptologists believe that Cleopatra is buried in the ancient city of Alexandria, which is now submerged underwater.


THE LOST TOMB OF CLEOPATRA MAJOR UPDATE FROM DR. KATHLEEN MARTINEZ!!! Will post more details as soon as she drops it! #cleopatra #cleopatratomb #kathleenmartinez #archaeology #ancientegypt #egypt #taposirismagna

, Original Sound – Dr. Harini Bhatt, PharmD

In any case, Dr. Martínez limited his research to the fact that the tomb is probably located in the temple of Taposiris Magna, which translates as “Great Tomb of Osiris.” To confirm their theory, they found an artifact believed to be the “foundation plate”, a stone tablet the size of a cell phone, which had been placed beneath the main structural stones. It will contain important information about when and why the temple in question was built.

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