Toluca vs Pumas (3-0) CL 2024 Liga MX match summary. Target”

UNAM PUMAS they were completely dominated red devil of toluca while visiting 3-0, alexis vega, tiago volpi And juan dominguez They were responsible for adding the scoreboard to the tournament much to the chagrin of the university students. Completion 2024.

hell for pumas

First 45 minutes The matches were a real nightmare for the Cats. The pain started with the goal at 14′ alexis vega To add 1-0 in favor of the scarlet team. Mexican forward takes advantage of assist brian garcia to give the order to put the ball in the goal Julio Gonzalez.

However, the martyrdom had just begun. Well, at minutes 27 and 33, santiago trigos And mateo caceres They had to go out of exchange respectively. Both young players starred in a sensitive scene when they collided with each other in a split ball. elements of cougar he entered concussion protocol And they left the playground.

Was it Quispe Prison?

Later, in the 33rd minute, the central referee Cesar Ramos Palazuelos The maximum penalty was marked in favor of Toluca, Although at first the fine seemed “suspicious” Piero Quispe’s push on Jesus Ricardo angleThe action that ultimately proved decisive was the pressure the Peruvian players put on the Mexican.

Despite the distraction by the goalkeeper mexican team Julio Gonzalez and brazilian defender Nathan Silva, Tiago Volpi ended up hitting the target of cougar With a powerful shot from 11 steps.

Dominguez made the score 3-0

juan dominguez Finally, the final nail was driven into the coffin of the puma. Well, in the 77th minute the Mexican forward took advantage of a brilliant overflow jean meneses To finish with your head and make it 3-0 in favor Red Devils of Toluca.

like this, cougar extended their woes as a visitor by going eight regular season games without winning away from home. AureaJules came out play zone (at present) with 16 points In 11th place. While Toluca reached third place 23 units.

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