Trick to increase WiFi anywhere in the house

Having a good Wi-Fi signal is essential in many homes. , Photo: Getty Images

Access to reliable and fast Wi-Fi connections is essential in today’s world. However, in many homes, especially those in larger areas or with physical barriers such as thick walls, the signal is not able to reach every corner of the house.

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When working from home, taking online classes, streaming content, and online gaming, a weak Wi-Fi signal can be frustrating, often preventing everyday and leisure tasks from proceeding normally.

Luckily, there are several home tricks that help boost your Wi-Fi signal anywhere in the house. One of the most popular is the use of beverage cans.

How does the trick work?

It is important to understand the principle behind this home trick. The central idea is based on the ability of beverage cans to act as WiFi signal reflectors. These metal boxes can redirect and amplify the Wi-Fi signal in the desired direction.

The Wi-Fi signal spreads in all directions from the router, but it doesn’t always reach every corner of the house efficiently due to obstacles and interference. Placing a modified beverage can near the router, pointing towards the area where you want to improve the connection, allows you to focus and direct the signal in that specific direction.

This can be especially useful if you have a room or area where the signal is weak or intermittent.

necessary ingredients

Before you begin, make sure you have the following materials available:

A clean, empty beverage can.

A pair of scissors or a scalpel.

Scotch tape.

A marker or pencil.

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