Ukraine launches massive drone attack against ten Russian regions and fires at two oil refineries

Ukraine launches massive drone attack against ten Russian regions

ukraine Launched this Tuesday, on the eve of presidential elections in Russia Massive drone attack on ten Russian regionsAn action that was accompanied by border raids by Russian volunteer units fighting in the ranks of the Ukrainian army.

Ukraine launched More than two dozen drones against Russia overnightAccording to officials, due to which Fire broke out in two fuel tanks And some projectiles entered Russian territory.

Russian Defense Ministry gave this information on Tuesday 25 drones were destroyed during the nightin the area of ​​two of them moscowone in the area of leningrad (North), in 11 Ukrainian border areas Belgorod And KurskAnd in another border area, Bryansk,

Drone attacks also set fuel tanks on fire in cities Oryol And kstovoAbout 160 kilometers and 828 kilometers respectively from the Ukrainian border.

In kstovoAccording to the regional governor, a fuel and energy complex was attacked by drones.

“Now special services are operating on the ground, using all necessary forces and means to detect a fire at one of the oil refineries,” he said. Gleb Nikitin In the Telegram messaging application. “According to preliminary data, there are no victims.”

in first OryolAccording to the region’s governor, a drone hit a fuel tank and caused a fire.

“A facility of the fuel and energy complex was attacked. Special services are working at the scene to bring the fire under control. There were no victims,” Andrey Klychkov wrote on the Telegram messaging app.

A video released by eyewitnesses showed Plumes of black smoke rising from the facility.

Fire at a fuel and power facility in Oryol, Russia

Drone rain started at dawn, but continued throughout the daySince the border area authorities Belgorod informed of Damage to City Hall building Due to the influence of an unmanned device and a neighbor Kursk He sent his students home for online learning at least until the end of this week.

According to Belgorod Governor Viacheslav Gladkov, Seven communities were left without electricity As a result of the attack.

It is one of the largest attacks carried out by Ukraine against Russian territory and comes ahead of Russian presidential elections scheduled for March 15, 16 and 17.

Only in the southern Russian region of Rostov, More than 40 drones were shot down last weekend According to local officials, Ukrainians in one day.

A Russian Il-76 military transport aircraft still in use today crashed in the Ivanovo fieldFifteen people were on board the ship, in central Russia, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

There were 15 people on the boat

In addition to unmanned devices, This Tuesday, Russia faced infiltration by Russian militia groups opposed to the Kremlin.

Three Russian volunteer militias are fighting alongside Ukraine against Kremlin forces He announced new incursions into Russian territoryAccording to an exiled former Russian deputy, in which he may have taken control of a city in Belgorod Ilya Ponomaryov.

According to exiled former deputy Ilya Ponomaryov, they may have taken control of a town in the border region of Belgorod

“The Freedom for Russia Legion, the Russian Volunteer Corps and the Siberian Battalion have entered the Kursk and Belgorod regions of the Russian Federation as part of a joint operation,” Ponomaryov, considered a leader, wrote on his Facebook account. Freedom Army for Russia.

The Russian opponent said that the city “Lozovaya Rudka (Belgorod) is under the complete control of the liberation forces.

The Legion later wrote on its Telegram channel that fighting was continuing in the village as well. teotkinoIn Kursk.

“With Ukrainian terrorist structures Support of tanks and armored vehicles of war, “They tried to invade the territory of the Russian Federation.”The Russian Defense Ministry noted on its Telegram channel.

Military reports say the attackers were rejected by Russian troopsWhich caused 60 fatal casualties with aviation and artillery support.

Meanwhile, representatives of Ukrainian military intelligence (GUR), andrey yusovstressed that “this is not the first operation” by these militias in Russia and assured that Kiev does not control them.

Regarding drone strikes against targets on Russian territory, he gave assurances These will continue with special emphasis on dual Russian, civilian and military facilities.

freedom for russia army And this Russian Volunteer Corps They are made up of Russian fighters opposed to President Vladimir Putin, who will run for re-election this Sunday for a fifth term.

The previous incursion into Russian territory by Ukrainian paramilitary groups took place in May 2023.

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