Ukraine warns its allies that their “lack of courage” jeopardizes victory against Russia

Ukraine warned its allies that their “lack of courage” jeopardizes victory against Russia” (Reuters/Sofia Gatilova)

Ukrainian officials have given this warning to their partners “Lack of courage and determination” jeopardizes Vladimir Putin’s aim to “destroy the regime”And that’s exactly what the Russian president is counting on, he said.

“Lack of courage and determination is the main risk of destroying Ukraine’s governance today Putin And he suffered a complete and unconditional defeat in the criminal war waged by him. And there is no shortage of courage among Ukrainians,” the secretary said Security and Defense Council from Ukraine, Alexey Danilov,

“The world’s democracies that can show indecision and half-measures are our main risks (…) This is what Putin is counting on,” Danilov said in a message posted on his Facebook page. Facebook,

“The winner of this war will be the one who is not afraid of imaginary ‘unlimited’ resources RussiaThe mobilization of ‘millions’ more troops of the obedient Russian herd, or Putin’s main horror story: nuclear weapons,” said the secretary of the Ukrainian Security and Defense Council.

Danilov condemned what Ukraine’s longtime partners have shown reluctance When, for example, supply fighter jetsOr “Can an attack be made without tanks and can a defense be made without cartridges.”

“Ukraine and Ukrainians are the first to set an example of courage and determination to stick to their guns and demand that their just demands be met. And in this, we are prepared to go as far as necessary,” he stressed.

This Tuesday Russia launched a new missile rain against ukraineWhile its troops intensified attacks on the eastern front, where the situation for forces is bad according to the Ukrainian military command Kyiv This is “extremely difficult”.

White House national security spokesman John Kirby assured that the coming months will be decisive for Ukraine (Reuters/Sofia Gatilova)

“Rescue operations continue after another Russian attack on our cities and our population: deliberate terror against residential buildings in Kiev, Kharkiv and Pavlograd,” the Ukrainian president wrote. Volodymyr ZelenskyOn Telegram.

According to Ukrainian officials, seven people were killed, five of whom died as a result of a missile strike by Russia. KharkovWhere a projectile hit a multi-storey residential building.

bombing of Kharkov According to the latest count, 46 people have also been injured. Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office.

The other two deaths caused by Russian missile launches against Ukraine yesterday morning occurred in the capital Kiev and Ukraine. pavlograd from the area of DnepropetrovskIn the center of the country.

Ukraine at the same time assured that its anti-aircraft defense had been achieved Intercept 21 out of 41 missiles Various types launched by Russia.

Meanwhile, White House national security spokesman, John KirbyAssured that the coming months will be decisive for Ukraine and revealed that at present the country’s military command will have to provide assistance cautiously given the uncertainty about the future of deliveries.

“They have to make some difficult decisions about what weapons to use, what ammunition to use, what missiles to use. Because they don’t know when the next consignment will arrive. “This is a terrible situation,” he said.

(With information from EFE and EP)

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