United States says Uber will no longer have self-employed workers

The Disgusting Truth That Uber Doesn't Want You To KnowThe Disgusting Truth That Uber Doesn't Want You To Know

United States to launch fight to end self-employed workers at Uber

The United States government led by Joe Biden will publish a labor standard that would bar companies like Uber from treating their workers as partners or freelancers and will be ready this week, an administration official told Reuters.

This change will be one of the most impactful rules ever made by the United States Department of Labor. The issue is complex in terms of legal regulations along with action plans and coming from the US it seems like it could set a precedent for other parts of the world.

Legal problems in regulation of partners and employees

The rule that would be approved in the United States would face a legal problem that we have already seen in other parts of the world: the divide between being an employee and the false self-employed workers offered by these transportation companies. Lines.

In this regard, Mark Friedman, vice president of the United States Chamber of Commerce, noted that the draft version of this standard still contains little guidance on how companies should draw the line between employees and contractors.

“Economic dependence is an elusive concept that in some cases can be defined by the eye of the beholder.”

There is no doubt that regulation of Uber etc. will have a worldwide impact, as the company is headquartered in the United States. And although there is consensus that it is necessary to regulate workers with all their rights, the challenges of knowing who is considered self-employed and who is not must be resolved in the coming months.

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