Unlike Dani Alves, Robinho was hit hard in his rape case and filed a plea before going to jail


Defense of former striker robinho requested the Brazilian Supreme Court to suspend the order “instant” gel obliges him to comply brazil nine years imprisonment for him Gang rape continues in ItalyConfirmed AFP Thursday.

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By an overwhelming majority, nine of the eleven magistrates of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) They voted on Wednesday to jail Robinho for incidents that took place in 2013, when he was a player. AC Milan,

But as they announced, the footballer’s defense presented a “habeas corpus” appeal to the Supreme Federal Court (STF) during the night, in order to suspend the sentence until appeal possibilities were exhausted, the statement confirmed. . AFP And one of his lawyers confirmed it.

former football player ‘Seleção’ and Real Madrid Was convicted in Italy in 2017 Accused of gang rape of a young Albanian woman who was celebrating her 23rd birthday in a nightclub Milan, The sentence was confirmed in 2022.

Robinho, 40 years old, He defends his innocence and alleges that the relationship with the girl was consensual.

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