Venezuelan found dead inside a truck he had been traveling in for days in Mexico

The neighbor came to the truck to give him lunch, but saw that he was unconscious. Photo: N+

A migrant of Venezuelan origin identified manuelFound dead inside a vehicle in the San Juan de Dios neighborhood of Guadalajara, Mexico.

According to local media, the man had been living inside a van for several days, but time ran out for Manuel last Thursday, December 28, in the afternoon. The Venezuelan migrant lost his life under unknown circumstances.

“Yesterday the Red Cross ambulance came, they said they had a serum like serum in a small bag, I think they couldn’t take him because he was aggressive…migrant, I don’t know him, but the only thing that What she does is she called Manuel and I gave her the credit.

At noon, when a neighbor brought him food at the intersection with Aldama on Abasolo Street, he realized that the 40 to 45-year-old Venezuelan was unconscious.

“Then I told him to go get him lunch and I cooked it up like a big ham and cheese. He, he always liked them. Tell him if he wants hibiscus water, coke as usual…I won’t answer anymore.

After his death was confirmed, Guadalajara police cordoned off the discovery site to make way for investigative work by the Mexican Prosecutor’s Office.

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