Vinicius starts the fight versus friendly Spain. Brazil: tension with Morata

Vinicius There were heroes again in the stadium this Tuesday santiago bernabeu, Following his press conference around the world, in which he cried while talking about his fight against racism.

In a spectacular game played by the team, the 23-year-old star came out wearing the captain’s ribbon on his left hand. brazil against spainA game that was not at all friendly, ending in a 3–3 draw and leaving several controversial postcards.

Vinicius, Brazilian player.

picture:EFE and AFP

was one of the most wanted by the cameras ViniciusWho once again said that there is discrimination and racism in Spain, and knew that they had a spicy and special meeting.

And that’s what happened when he was on the field of play and when he was substituted. Vinicius They ended up fighting on the benches after reprimanding the Spaniard alvaro morata A treat with a fan in the stadium santiago bernabeu, Some members of the Brazilian staff tried to separate him, but he continued.

Vinnie tried to defuse the situation morta At that moment, with the fan, pablo sarabia And the other Spanish players tell him to “don’t get involved” and then comes the response from the Brazilian who wanted to be in the news.

The Brazilian star started challenging the bench spainWho was under stress after her own vulgar gesture in Vinny’s goal lucas paqueta, Fed up with the attitude, they started a brawl that ended with security entering to deal with both teams’ smoke.

In the end, Vinicius was reassured by his Real Madrid teammate, Joselu, who reprimanded him for his attitude and spoke to him nicely. After the match, Brazil coach Dorival Júnior was consulted about what happened and tried to make light of the fight.

“It’s a natural fact. Both coaches were calm, trying to calm down that initial agitation. I don’t think there was any kind of aggression, it’s natural to be excited at this moment, but I think it was respectful. “However, there were a few moments more verbal than action. I have not seen anything that has created an atmosphere of instability between the two teams,” he said.


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