Washing machine’s secret button to keep clothes looking new and reduce energy consumption

The secret button on the washing machine allows you to clean the drawer for better performance. (LG)

Using the washing machine continuously will prevent the clothes from getting completely clean as the day goes on. This is because the drum of the device is dirty and needs to be cleaned to provide better service. So there is a solution that allows you to eliminate the mess in this section and get better cleaning results.

This is a trick that not all users know and doing this can help a lot in getting better quality clothes.But it can also help reduce soap, water and energy costs, which translates into money saved on monthly bills in the future.

The drawer of the washing machine is one of the dirtiest parts of this appliance. Detergent and fabric softener residues usually accumulate there, hindering the cleaning job.Generating greater expenditure on all the resources required for the device to function.

Surely many people constantly clean the drum to avoid this situation or for the washing machine to inform them, But it is important to look for the secret button so that this cleaning is more thorough and has a greater impact on the results.

The secret button on the washing machine allows you to clean the drawer for better performance. (LG)

To access that secret button you have to open the washing machine tray and a lever with a different color from the rest will be visible there. This is the button that prevents better cleaning, so you have to lift it to be able to remove the drawer.

Once we remove this part we have to clean this accessory thoroughly, Removing all traces of detergent and fabric softener and disinfecting to kill any bacteria present on the clothing.

It is recommended that cleaning is not done with baking soda or vinegar, Because these components can damage the metal parts of the washing machine. It is best to use citric acid and do this process at least once a month to keep clothes as good as new and see energy saving results.

The secret button on the washing machine allows you to clean the drawer for better performance. (LG)

– close the doors

Keeping the refrigerator closed helps maintain the internal temperature, ensuring that food remains in optimal condition for longer; Since energy consumption is reduced The appliance doesn’t have to work harder than necessary to restore the ideal temperature every time that the door opens; And prevents premature wear of the device, thereby increasing its useful life.

– pay attention to the temperature

Lowering the temperature of this appliance too much will increase your energy bill. It is recommended to set the refrigerator to 5 ºC and the freezer to -18 ºC.

It is important not to leave food sticking to the back. Cold is distributed through the movement of hot and cold air, and if this flow is blocked, the air does not circulate properly. This may cause some foods to freeze and others not to cool down enough.

– Its location is necessary

The position of the refrigerator in the kitchen is important for its operation. If not placed in a suitable location it can consume up to 15% more energy. Avoid placing it near heat sources such as kitchen, oven or windows where direct light comes in.

In addition, it is important that there is space around it, as its engine and tubes require good ventilation. Keeping it a few centimeters away from the wall reduces its energy consumption.

– Take care of what is left

The way food is stored in the refrigerator plays an important role in saving energy for the appliance. An overcrowded refrigerator can hinder proper circulation of cold air.Due to which the engine has to work harder to maintain the proper temperature, which increases energy consumption.

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