What about Vitor Roque? Xavi left him without playing again and explained the reason after Barcelona’s exit


Vitor Roque Doesn’t clear the Brazilian was presented as a star signing three weeks ago barcelonaBut the reality is that he is still in the process of adapting, so he has not yet fully earned his coach’s trust. xavi hernandez,

What did he say to Yamal? Xavi came out after Barcelona’s defeat to Bilbao: “They are typical errors; “The normal thing is that I leave.”

The striker was expected to compete for the position Robert Lewandowski, However, they have been doing this before mark guiuA 17-year-old young player, against whom it took minutes in a painful elimination yesterday athletic club In the Copa del Rey.

Javi Reminds everyone of this at every press conference Vitor Roque Won his first experience in Europe. Furthermore, he hardly kept up with any filming after being unemployed for two months due to an ankle injury.

against him athleticBarça coach changed Lewandowski and chose a place feron As a center forward, later Guiyu And finally ronald araujo in desperation. Vitor Roque He kept heating the bench.

Xavi’s venomous look at Yamal for his mistakes, anger at Barcelona and players traveling from Africa to qualify for Athletic

“The other day Vitor came, today Mark came… We were also looking for more… We were looking for more crosses, play on the wing, direct football… Vitor will continue to have minutes, that’s important. Yes, like everyone else. He is very young, he is an 18-year-old boy and we have to be careful, like all such young footballers, not to mark him in any way and put too much pressure on him. “Vitter will be important, I think he has qualities that will help us a lot,” he explained. Javi At the conference after elimination.

mark guiu When he came on he once again left a very good feeling, he also had a good chance but the ball was cut very badly. In the case of the ‘Tigrinho’, care is taken and he also appears to be going through an inevitable process of adaptation.

Vitor Roque He has played only four games since joining the Catalan team. Two in the league and two in the cup, needless to mention he did not play in the Spanish Super Cup.

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