What is CES: History, Significance and Dates of 2024

The event started with 17 participating brands and today has 3,500 exhibitors. (CES)

He consumer electronics showKnown as CES, it is the most important event in the technology industry and in its next edition it will celebrate 57 years of history. The main brands meet there to show what developments they will bring to the store in the future or what they are developing for the coming years.

Currently, it is held in Las Vegas, United States, although its first edition was held in New York and historic announcements such as its arrival were made during this time. vhsThe nintendo entertainment systemAndldvd and latest products like technology OLED,

This event has been organized Consumer Technology Association (CTA) And the first edition was in New York in 1967 at a program different from the current concept. At that time it was a simple exhibition in which 17 brands participated lg, motorola And Philips, Where they showed the televisions, radios and record players they currently had for sale.

Before the first edition, CES was part of the Chicago Music Show, one of the most important consumer electronics exhibitions of the time. But then the first independent event was held, which attracted 17,500 people over four days.

The fair attracted over 3,500 exhibitors from 17 participating brands. (Consumer Technology Association)

Television was one of the products that attracted the most attention that year. Japanese companies were in charge of showing this device that displayed a sequence of black and white images on the screen. This led to many attendees going on another day to purchase the units on display.

The success of this first edition grew from voice to voice and attracted the attention of more brands and exhibitors.

Over the years, CES has changed location and frequency, as it moves through Chicago and Mexico and on some occasions is held twice a year, by 1995 it was established that Las Vegas would be its venue. The only place and will be done annually.

The importance of CES is not only a product exhibition fair, but it also has an important role at the business level as a meeting point between brands. From large exhibitors to small startups, they have the opportunity to learn about new projects and seek alliances that allow them to improve their progress.

In each edition, the event offers different branches of technology, it is not only focused on products for home use or entertainment, but it is also a place to show developments in mobility, wellness, security, virtual reality and so on. artificial intelligence.

The importance of CES lies in the moment with which the year begins and the upcoming trends are shown, both in devices and concepts in development.

The event started with 17 participating brands and today has 3,500 exhibitors. (Reuters)

For the next edition, 3,500 exhibitors are expected during the four days of the fair, from Tuesday, January 9 to Friday, January 12. The keynote address on the first day of the event will take place at 8:30 a.m. PT.

Some announcements have already been confirmed in the 2024 edition, such as the QNED line of televisions. lg, in which new laptops will also be shown. On the other hand, SAMSUNG It will bring appliances for home consumption such as refrigerators, which are based on artificial intelligence, as well as new televisions.

Regarding vehicles, didWhich will return after a few years of absence, will lead the global launch of Platform Beyond Vehicle (Beyond Vehicle Platform), about which few details are known yet, but it has been confirmed that it will hit the market in 2025.

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