What is the best time to eat strawberries or strawberries?

Strawberries (or strawberries) are berries whose seeds grow outside rather than encased in pulp. It is a summer fruit, although in some countries they are grown in greenhouses and are available all year round.

summer is strawberries richer and healthier, Nature knows what she is doing. There are wild and cultivated ones, and it is always better to go for organic strawberries to avoid pesticide residues, as strawberries are best eaten unpeeled. In any case, you always have to wash them very well.

This fruit is ideal to include in a weight loss plan: it only provides 40 calories per 100 grams And it is a source of dietary fiber, which produces satiety.

In this case, it should be Avoid Their traditional company is whipped cream, and they can be eaten alone or with orange juice.

properties of strawberry

The color of strawberry is due to the abundance of anthocyanin and iron present in it. It also provides magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, copper and silicon. In other words, it is an excellent source of minerals and vitamins C, K and B9 (folic acid).

These are very nutritious and their consumption increases Vitamin C and folic acid in the body.  Photo: Clarins.These are very nutritious and their consumption increases Vitamin C and folic acid in the body. Photo: Clarins.

According to the portal Body Mind200 grams of strawberries provides 17% of the daily requirement of iron, 19% of magnesium and 200% of vitamin C. It is an excellent resource for remineralizing the body. after physical activity And taking nutritious diet.

Iron intake is essential to prevent or treat anemia and vitamin C is one Antioxidant Which helps keep the skin healthy and glowing (in addition to taking care of all the organs and tissues). The vitamin C and folic acid they provide to the body help strengthen the absorption of iron that strawberries themselves provide and which we consume through other foods. Combination of iron and folic acid makes it light natural laxative,

A study recently published in Nutrition Science Journal Concluded that consuming strawberries significantly increases the levels of Vitamin C and Folic Acid in the blood

For this potassiumis a diuretic that contributes to low blood pressure and expelling uric acid and other toxins through urine. It also helps in fighting diseases like arthritis, stones and liver diseases.

anthocyanins They are pigments that support blood vessels, and reduce ldl Or bad cholesterol and triglycerides. And, among other properties, they help to burn accumulated fat, as the low con salud site provides.

For dessert, but also in salads or as a garnish.  Photo: Clarins.For dessert, but also in salads or as a garnish. Photo: Clarins.

presence of salicylic acid Turns it into an anti-inflammatory fruit that helps fight arthritis and rheumatism. This acid, plus vitamin K, magnesium and manganese, form a combo that maintains strong and healthy bones,

When and how to consume strawberries

The best way to eat fresh and natural strawberries Take advantage of all its benefits and properties, In times of abundance they lend themselves to jam making, but uncooked they provide more nutrients.

in the hours of BreakfastEnergizes the body in a special way, giving it strength for all the activities of the day.

but also as a component Breakfast, because its dietary fiber helps satisfy hunger and prompts us to eat smaller portions of other higher-calorie foods. The same fiber contributes to the cleansing of the colon.

In addition to sweets, strawberries can be included in salad Or serve as a garnish for a stronger meal of the day. They combine very well with arugula and raw spinach, and in both cases they increase the contribution of iron and vitamin C.

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