what is this for? Tinder launches $500 subscription

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A few days ago, Tinder announced that it had launched a very special invitation for only 1% of its customers so that they could use a very exclusive tool of the famous dating app.

By: El Diario NY

This is Tinder Select, which was initially launched in 2017 and which you could access for free as long as you received an invitation, which was originally launched only for its users who were “beauties and Were within the “celebrities” category.

Those who choose to subscribe to Tinder Excel will have to pay $500 per month for access to a variety of functions, including: searching, matching, and “VIP” conversations.

“We know there is a subgroup of active, highly engaged users who prefer more effective and efficient ways to find connections, so we spent extensive time with this audience over the past few months to develop an entirely new offering. Have tested and responded,” said. Mark Van Ryswyk, Chief Product Officer of Tinder.

You can read the full note here NY Journal


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