What will be the next global problem?

Elon Musk estimates that electricity will not be enough for world demand and electric cars will suffer. EFE/Alexander Becher

While countries like Norway have reached a sales rate of 82% zero-kilometre electric cars of the total market, other countries like the Netherlands are starting to face the collapse of their electrical networks due to the high energy demand of their plug-in vehicle fleets . , It’s not about the number of chargers, but about the electric potential of cities, and it’s not limited to electric cars, but about the potential of cities in general.

Stedin, the Netherlands’ largest electricity distributor, has issued a warning saying the situation is unstable. The city of Utrecht already has electricity demand that exceeds the normal grid capacity, and a similar situation could arise in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and The Hague in a very short time.

But the problem is not just European. Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently said in his speech at the Bosch Connected World conference that “previously there was a shortage of neural network chips. Later, availability problems were with voltage step-down transformers. “With the continuous incidents happening, I think the next problem will be power shortage.”

Supporting Musk’s statements, a recent report from The New York Times suggests that the current massive demand for electrical energy is not only straining the electrical network, but is resulting in jeopardizing climate objectives set in the past. , both individually and as a bloc in the case of the European Union.

The NYT document states that in the United States alone, the expansion of data centers, crypto mining and AI by giants like Amazon, Apple, Google or Microsoft is straining the vulnerable electrical grid. In some states, like Georgia, demand is now 17 times higher than it was a decade ago.

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