Why shouldn’t you use transparent cell phone cases?

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The yellow color of this accessory is due to wear and tear of the material from which it is made.

Recently, some cell phone brands started including a transparent case in the device box. This has made this type of accessory very common and with it comes a new problem that forces us to consider stopping using this form of protection.

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Yellowing of the cover is an annoying condition and difficult to avoid. Although this is an aesthetic issue and will never affect the performance of the phone, it is something that has no solution.

This phenomenon is primarily due to the material with which these cases are made: thermoplastic polyurethane, or TPU.

TPU is known for its strength, flexibility, and low cost, making it a popular material for making cell phone cases and including in boxes when purchasing them. However, It has one big problem: it is very prone to corrosion over time.

TPU molecular chains disorganize when exposed to ultraviolet lightWhich causes yellow color change which makes us very uncomfortable.

Although the case is transparent when we open the box, basically the TPU material is yellow, But manufacturers use blue color to achieve the transparency desired by users.

for a longer time, This blue color fades away, revealing the natural yellow color of the TPUResulting in the unpleasant appearance that many of us have experienced.

The most sensible solution is to choose to buy a new cover. TPU is a recyclable materialTherefore there is no harmful environmental impact when replacing a worn cover.

Another option to consider is to choose other material or color options for our phone case. While it is true that any material can deteriorate over time, other options may not experience the same yellowing effect as TPU and will maintain the care of the device.

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