Will the customer be able to decide how to pay?

According to Resolution 93/2023 of the Ministry of Domestic Trade in Cuba, starting in February sellers, whether natural or legal persons, must offer cash as well as electronic payment options.

Arelis Alfonso Valero, head of the electronic banking department at the Banco de Credito y Comercio directorate in the province, told Escambre The measure seeks to provide options to those who prefer to conduct electronic transactions. However, he stressed that physical money will not be eliminated, as some people do not have access to the technology or choose not to use it.

The resolution, in force from December to January, establishes that those who trade products or provide services must request their QR codes through the national payment platforms, TransferMovil or Enzona.

Alfonso Valero emphasized that the intention is to provide alternatives to those who already have cards and electronic means, allowing them to use these platforms without the pressure of using cash. He stressed that, despite technical limitations, all economic actors are expected to adopt this new provision.

Banco de Crédito y Comercio has urged merchants to request their QR codes from the developers of TransferMovil and Enzona (Etexa and Zetid), place them in visible locations and educate customers about the steps to make electronic payments.

“This resolution on electronic payments covers everything from the pharmacy, bodega or small square to the self-employed, for example, barbers, cafeterias, restaurants. Wherever cash is generated, both possibilities should be offered to the customer, who decides how they will pay, in cash or online.Alfonso Valero concluded.

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