Xiaomi wants to change electric cars forever and it’s now official

SU7 is the name of the Chinese brand’s first electric car Xiaomi. Although the official name had already been leaked, this December 27 the information was confirmed by the company’s founder and CEO. lei junWith the publication on X (formerly Twitter) of the official image of the vehicle: Welcome to Xiaomi SU7!

In addition to the name, another element that attracted attention in the June publication was the slogan that accompanies the photo of the Xiaomi SU7 and which says “Welcome to Human x Car x Home”, Which would be a sign of Xiaomi’s intentions to create its own electric car combination Human contact next to home. Then it is clear that it will integrate intelligent functions such as an assistant.

Although it is still completely unknown how Xiaomi will manage to do this, it knows that HyperOS -Xiaomi’s new software for its mobile and smart devices- will play a key role in this technological transformation, as it will be integrated into its first car.

SU7 Features

Thanks to the publication in X, this has been more than confirmed. The new SU7 will be a sports sedan with dimensions similar to the Tesla Model 3. Their similarity is undeniable. It is clear that Xiaomi had to create its own, inspired by the vehicle of Elon Musk’s electric car company, which is a global benchmark in this regard.

According to what is known about the SU7, it is a vehicle 4.99 meters long, 1.96 meters wide and 1.4 meters high. As already mentioned, one of the most important aspects your software will be based on HyperOSPresent in mobile phones, tablets, watches, televisions and other company products, with which Xiaomi wants to guarantee that the car is part of its device ecosystem Connected to guarantee the best integration between their products.

It also seems clear that, like mobile devices, the Xiaomi SU7 will come in three different variants The “Max” model is the most advanced, Well, a model that has already been seen traveling at speeds of over 200 kilometers per hour in various tests conducted by the company.

Although it is not confirmed, everything indicates that At the exchange rate the Xiaomi car will cost around 40,000 euros. However, the device is going to go on sale first in China and it is unclear when or with which models it will reach the rest of the world.

Regarding the process of vehicle developmentWhich – as they say – promises to mark a before and after in the history of the Beijing firm, the company’s CEO, Lei Jun, explains that, in order to create an excellent car, He surrounded himself with the best engineers and decided to lead the project himself. During this process, Jun claims to have driven over 150 different cars with the goal of learning from the strengths of each manufacturer. He also explains that Xiaomi’s mission in the automotive sector will be to create a “smart mobile space” that will go beyond what brands like Tesla offer.

presentation program

In addition to the official disclosures already made, CEO Jun himself has confirmed this December 28, 07:00 (Spain), There will be an official presentation of Xiaomi SU7. Will be broadcast through the event, in which all the features of the company’s first electric car will be shown InternetThe Social Networks and you can continue in Official website of the company.

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