You’ll need an iPhone or iPad with Face ID to reserve the Apple Vision Pro

Everything is ready for the launch of Apple Vision Pro, Apple has released important information for reservations on January 19

You'll need an iPhone or iPad with Face ID to reserve the Apple Vision Pro
Face ID will be required to reserve the Apple Vision Pro

the date is approaching Reservation of the Apple Vision Pro in the United States and an interesting fact For all those users who are waiting for it. Requires an iPhone or iPad with Face ID Determining the most suitable hardware for you at checkout. Important information has also been revealed for users who want the ZEISS optical add-on. Through an email he has shared more information about the reservation and purchase of Apple Vision Pro.

Vision Pro reserving details revealed by Apple via email

This is not a demanding issue on the part of Apple and the use of Face ID. They will help you determine the size of the Light Seal mount and headband from Cupertino, Remember they are included in the box but Apple will try to provide accurate and proper fit.

apple vision pro

Vision Pro product will have custom straps

For this they ask Update the Apple Store app (reservations will be made here) So that they can scan the face correctly. We feel like this is an issue on the customer service side that Apple has always raised: offering proper design and support for new products.

About ZEISS lenses, They can be ordered if the user has a prescription from an ophthalmologist., The guys from Cupertino have partnered with the German brand to create optical inserts that will be compatible with users who use glasses on a daily basis.

Apple will ask the user if they need an insert and the user will have to send the recipe themselves Valid from a professional in the field in the United States immediately after payment is made.

If you’re in the United States you can try the Glasses at an Apple Store

Trying out Apple Vision Pro in an Apple Store will be a unique experience

Trying out Apple Vision Pro in an Apple Store will be a unique experience

Since then Friday, February 2 at 8:00 am local will open Registration period for demo of Apple Vision Pro in Apple stores in the country. They are only available from Friday to Sunday and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis., Users who want to know more about the product can find a special section in the Apple Store app.

Obviously Everything is ready for the launch of one of the most anticipated products in recent years In the Apple brand catalog. Expectations also include high demand and a future date for the arrival of this product in other markets.

Will it be launched in Spain in the hypothetical second batch? It will be very interesting to know the impact of use in the first hours of launch and the main answer to the question whether it is the most innovative product after the iPhone? Apps will be critical to its operation and potential growth. It also depends on Apple’s return to the top as the most valuable brand, having been overtaken just yesterday by Microsoft and the topic of artificial intelligence.

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