10 Beyoncé collaborations we need on the ‘Act II’ album

10 Beyoncé collaborations we need on the 'Act II' album

Did you hear the sound of a million homosexuals shouting in unison last night? Yep, maybe that’s when Beyoncé announced her sequel renaissance was coming. This is correct, Act II is upcoming and reportedly has a country-rock theme. We also got some teasers for songs from the album, “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages”.

Although this is considered a departure from the BE we know, he is a singer from Houston, Texas who released country songs like “Daddy Lessons” in 2016. lemonade, So we’re obviously excited to see him fully immerse himself in this genre of music. Meanwhile, it also made us think about all the possible collaborations that this new musical path opens up – as we know, renaissance It was full of signs!

But who would she be on a country album? We have ideas! These collaborations will not only give us life, they will literally heal nature. Here’s who we’re looking forward to seeing when the album drops on March 29th.

brandy carlisle


If you want Sapphic girls to get spontaneously aroused, Brandy/Bay’s collaboration is a must. Can you imagine the harmony of these sultry, hazy sounds? Oral scissors. Okay, let’s move on before things get awkward – okay More Clumsy.

megan you study


Megan won. This Texan rapper would also be a great collaboration Act II,

orville peck

If renaissanceThe list of featured artists is an indication that Bey lives for a singular collaboration. This Queen Bey Country Album Will Be Even More Incredible Gay country singer Orville Peck. Just think of the potential of fringe costumes in music videos! We must have this.

kacey musgraves


It’s time for these two Texas queens of the music world to collide. Casey’s dreamy vocals mesh perfectly with the languid uptempo track teased by Bey previously. Is it too much to say that if they sang together, The Lone Star State would become gay overnight? Maybe, but let’s try anyway.

lil nas


Sure, we all know Lil Nas was on a stripper pole, he was in hell. Ride a horse up “Old Town Road”.

dolly parton


Honestly, that might be too much star power for one song. The power of Beyonce and Dolly Parton on a song that can make an entire generation spontaneously gay. But seriously imagine a remade “Jolene” with these two dueting in the style of “The Boys Are Mine.” We should remove the word “distinguished”.

Tracy Chapman

Kevin Winter/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Tracy Chapman is having a good time and we’re gays of a certain age cough cough I’ve known for years that he is an icon, it’s great to see the younger generation following his Chapman teachings. So why not take it to the next level by teaming up with Bey? Let’s just say that if that happens, we’ll get in our car and drive fast to get our copy of the album.


James Manning/PA Images via Getty Images

The Chicks and Beyoncé have collaborated in the past on “Daddy Lessons,” which proved that this is a musical marriage we can get behind. With a new country album on the way, we can’t help but think we’re getting a brand new couple.

maren morris

Natasha Mustache/Getty Images

This country star is a true ally, not afraid to let transphobes own it. So of course we only want great things for the ‘The Middle’ singer and there’s nothing better than a feature on what is sure to be one of the biggest albums of the year, or even of all time.

Lady Gaga


We shall stay As for “Telephone: Part 3,” but honestly, Gaga’s “Joanne” era was iconic and the perfect way to blend in with Bey’s new musical direction. Bring back the cowboy hat!

Bonus: Taylor Swift

John Shearer/Getty Images for TAS

Can you even imagine that they’ve been rooting for each other and supporting each other for the past few years, but what if that mutual fangirling turned into the musical collaboration of our dreams? Gay’s heavy breathing intensifies. Taylor’s return to her country roots with Queen Bey is the stuff of LGBTQ+ dreams.

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