MLB announces female umpires in spring training MLB 2024

The presence of women in baseball is increasing. Undoubtedly, journalism is the field where female activity in this discipline has increased the most. However, more and more people of that gender are emerging who want to venture into other fields. Thus, the name of Jane Pavol.

something that never happened big leagueIt is that a woman is one of those who judge on the ground.

mlb is going to announce jane pavolShe will be the third woman to serve as an umpire in football matches. spring trainingWhich will start in about two weeks. This would put her in a position to become the first referee in history big tent,

Over the last five years, huge progress has been made in increasing such presence in various sectors. the cast new York Yankees tend towards Rachel BalkovecFirst woman to direct in minor league, This year he was promoted as Director (of this stage) miami marlins,

The same team from Florida broke this tradition and created history by appointing in 2021 Kim Ng As the leading woman in history to hold the position of general manager.

Whereas, the San Francisco Giants were baptized Alyssa NakkanFor the first time, interviews are being conducted for the position of Manager in Majors.

Who is Jane Pavol?

She is only the seventh woman to achieve this role in professional baseball, but she is the first woman to reach triple A,

Reports indicate that he will be promoted as the chief umpire in that circuit this year. In this respect, his promotion Chief It’s only a matter of time before he makes history.

Pam Postema And Ria Cortesio, earlier under this important area. Both were removed from their positions when they were close to entering the record books.

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