Natalia, MIR suffers from two rare diseases and specializes in fighting

Publication of provisional result of mir 2024 allowed to see the one who got the best marks Of testing. In medical writing We are able to meet in depth with the candidates with the highest results to discover their special stories as they face this important stage in their lives. And exactly its story Natalia Espasandin, number 4 of MIR 2024 Despite securing the fourth highest grade, this candidate is special You won’t be able to choose your “dream first option”, Clinical GeneticsSince this feature doesn’t exist yet.

The candidate spoke to this newspaper to explain the need to make this residency a reality, and acknowledged that it will have to go along Changes in your own university career, “My university has the subject of genetics and it comes under basic science. It is often given a very organic approach, not very real and tangible. “What impact does genetics really have on patient care, not only at the level of genetic diseases, but also at the level of oncology and other diseases in which it is seen that genetics is of very significant importance,” says one of them. Is the best of MIR 2024.

Natalia has two hereditary diseasesOne neurological and the other connective tissue that affects various organs of the body, which, for that, is within the MIR preparation It’s like “working a full-time job”, For this reason, she emphasizes that it is important to strike a balance between dedicating yourself to taking care of your health, something that everyone should do but that has to be done “with a lot of intensity”, and Academic Part: “The degree has prepared me for this and I can say that I have been lucky, My health gave me a lot of relief during the preparation for MIR, It has been a learning experience, in some cases it has even benefited me because it has forced me to ground myself and prioritize what I want to do, health, then education. Having an environment that supported and loved me was the key.”

Number 4 of MIR, which Opt for pediatrics in CataloniaBelieves that “the subject should be reframed” so that the student has “a more realistic notion of what it really involves”: “It should be seen that he is a specialist who sees and treats patients , because it often happens that many students they become obsessed with the subject of genetics and do not want to know anything else, and I think this is because they are given a false image of what is actually practiced in the specialization Is. My coworkers said to me, are you going to go to the lab to pipet? But it is not just about this. “We hope that it will be replicated in universities soon in collaboration with visiting experts, we are sure.”

“Many colleagues asked me if I wanted to stay in the lab to pipet, but genetics is not just that.”

Drive to Create Characteristics of Genetics

For Natalia there are two aspects that make Clinical genetics is very “special and necessary”, The scientific side, since it is a relatively new field, has “expanded significantly” in recent years and from a clinical perspective it has gone from describing many genetic diseases to currently being able to diagnose them and develop their Starting to have tools to treat what is “beautiful.” ,It is essential that there are specialists trained to treat this profile of patients, In addition, you often not only treat them, but also the family and these are situations that can be complicated because sometimes they can be seen in situations of conception, possible interruptions, reproductive desires.. .”, he specifies.

However, this does not mean that the professionals who are now dedicated to treating these patients are not well trained. In fact, for Natalia these are people who “have informed themselves and stepped forward to treat these patients themselves” but there is an unmet need and Offering residencies “paves the way” for doctors wanting to specialize.,

On the other hand, he argues that, at the time, this specialty, in theory, “existed within the framework of an imperial decree that was thrown back.” In the current situation “there should be no justification for it not to exist”, as MIR states that “we are the only country in Europe that has not recognized it as such”, although they have been deployed Genetics services by many hospitalsThis has led to “significant regional differences”.

The basis of future specialization of pediatrics, genetics

Through exposure to extracurricular practices with the genetics service of the Val d’Hebron Hospital, she learned that many geneticists have expertise as pediatricians, so she would follow that path. ,Most genetic disorders begin in childhood And this is directly related to the pediatrician. It is a very similar specialty, especially if it is done in a large hospital where there are patients of this type, it is not in vain to choose this specialty, since it has its own relationship and it is one that provides a better basis from which Later I specialized in genetics,” he explains.

Natalia explains that clinical genetics will allow her “Dream big and small.” Big because, currently, we are starting treatments for these patients, it is a reality, and some of them “do really well.” And as for dreaming small, because there is still a long way to go and, often, “all that remains is to visit with the family and receive their gratitude, which is the best thing.” “Being able to give the family a diagnosis that is sometimes very serious can be such a relief to them because They often take an unimaginable journey through doctors, “Being able to give small answers and consolation fills a person up instantly, and my dream is to be able to be that person for patients,” he concluded.

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