Cheap Flights from Miami to Cuba in March 2024

Cubans who live permanently abroad, especially in the United States, are an important source of travelers to the island. Therefore, searches for ‘cheap flights to Cuba’ or ‘tickets from Miami to Cuba’ are quite common.

In this article, we provide you with information about the cheapest flights from Miami to Cuba, according to Google Flights and Scanners.

google flights

google flights is an online flight reservation search service that makes it easy to purchase airline tickets through third parties.

A recent search on this platform showed that the cheapest flight to Cuba in March (for a one-week stay) costs $294. This flight is from Miami International Airport to Havana, operated by American Airlines or Delta. In addition, there are other cheap flights to Varadero and Cienfuegos, as shown in the following image.


skyscanner Is a global search engine for buying flights, hotels and rental cars. The service is free for users who are directed to an airline, hotel or car service provider or travel agency to complete the booking process.

If you have flexibility with your flight dates, you can take advantage of their “whole month” search tool to find the cheapest day to travel.

The cheapest flights from Miami to Havana are also on AliExpress, with prices starting at $264.

Other cheap flights to Cuba in March 2024

– Miami to Santa Clara: one-stop flight with prices starting at USD 301.

– Miami to Varadero: direct flight with starting price from 384 USD.

– Miami to Santiago de Cuba: direct flight with starting price from 384 USD.

– Miami to Camagüey: direct flight with starting price from 419 USD.

Remember that all prices are per adult and expressed in US dollars. The final cost may increase depending on the accessories and other services the customer wants to add.

If you are planning to travel to Cuba soon, you can use this flight comparison available in cuba directory To find the most economical option for your trip.

If you also want to know how many free suitcases you can take to Cuba, we recommend reading this article With all the information you need to know.

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