A coalition of 50 large companies employs Cuban immigrants in Mexico.

Thousands of Cuban immigrants and other nationalities have benefited from the alliance. tent mexico,

This shows that this group of 50 big companies provides a unique employment opportunity. In fact, during the last three years, more than 600 thousand people have joined these companies as laborers through work permits.

Apart from Cuban immigrants, the main beneficiaries have been Venezuelans and Haitians.

In all cases they could not find formal jobs and with Tent Mexico they achieved their goal. This initiative is supported by the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

The coalition reported on the project that helps thousands of migrants every month. A member of the Tent Partnership for Refugees, Tent Mexico is “committed to hiring refugees and migrants on a large scale, as well as providing them with employment-related assistance in Mexico.”

Among other companies, the following companies make up the group: Accenture, Accor Hotels, Adecco Group, Linseed, Amazon, Arca Continental, AT&T, Baxter, Chedroui, Chobani, Koppel, Comex, DHL Group, Dow Chemical, FEMSA, Forvia, FoundEver. , Walmart and WeWork.

Its CEO commented that “At Tenet we approach the refugee recruitment process from a business perspective.

As the Mexican economy continues to grow, companies have an incredible opportunity to meet their labor needs by absorbing refugees and immigrants.

Ideal solution for expatriates

It is a fact that this project is the ideal solution to regularize the status of Cuban immigrants in Mexico. This is an ideal way to find workers easily.

75% of Mexican businesses claim they have difficulty finding employees. Currently, there are 1.2 to 1.6 million vacancies in the Mexican labor market.

Cubans rank third among the top ten nationalities seeking recognition of refugee status in Mexico.

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